Your turn, Dawn.

scottokla(7)August 11, 2011

Looks like we will share some rain with Dawn and a bit of north Texas today. Of course, you'll have to take the wind and some hail that will be coming with it. Congratulations!

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Looks like Dawn got cheated in the first wave. The big, thick line of storms hit a wall and fell apart there. Maybe round 2 will come through later.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

No, Scott, you were right the first time. We got rain--about 6/10s of an inch. The temperature dropped from 95 to 74! Woo hoo! We had some strong winds, probably in the 40s-50s that brought down a few trees. On the news they're saying one part of western Carter County got 2.8" of rain. I'm a little bit jealous of that! However, they've been extra-dry out there and have had some bad hayfield fires and such so they sure needed that rain.

However, fire pagers just went off a second ago here for a smoke investigation in the area of the fire we had yesterday afternoon. I suspect the rain may have hit some hot tree trunks that are burning inside and might be sending up steam. Or, maybe something is still burning in there in that overgrown woodland---it is too crowded to walk into, so who knows?

We're having a lot more cloud-to-ground lightning than actual rainfall, so it is possible something new has ignited too.

I'm staying home until I find out if there actually is a fire. If there is, I'll roll their way with drinks if they need them. Since we're now in the mid-70s, maybe they'd rather have coffee and cocoa instead of bottled water and Gatorade.

Tim and I were on our way to Ardmore when it hit and we got hit by something like a little gustnado or some type of gust front that was swirling its way across the road. It looked like a west Texas dirt devil but it was white and gray like the color of clouds, not brown or reddish brown like dirt. We all had to stop in the middle of Hwy 77 because visibility dropped to zero for a couple of minutes, and we got hit by a flying trashcan, but who was raining!

The second wave is about to hit, so maybe we'll get more rain. Of course, it is barely a dent in the huge rain deficit, but anything at all is good and much appreciated.

It seemed like Ardmore had more rain than we did, but we're all just relieved to have something.

It seems like our 100-day-consecutive string of high temps will end at 42. I cannot imagine we'll get up to our previously forecast 104 now that we're sitting here at 74 degrees.

If you look at the radar I've linked below, maybe you can see the second wave rolling in....unless you don't see this before the storm has moved on into western North Texas. However, if you look at radar you'll also see that down here the storm seems to collapse about the time it reaches I-35.


Here is a link that might be useful: 'My' Storm on the Radar

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Dawn, I can't remember exactly where you are. The current radar shows quite a bit of activity along the central to SE OK border and overlapping into TX, so I hope you're getting some more wet. We didn't get a lot this morning. Probably less than 1/2" (I really need to get a proper gauge) but the 70 degree temp sure feels good. Maybe I can get some weeding done!


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Pat, I'm midway between Marietta and Thackerville in Love county, just a little west of I-35. If you look at a map and see the part of Love County that sticks down into Texas like a finger near Gainesville, that's where I am...sticking down into Texas, with Texas a little to my west, east and south.

No more rain has fallen, but we've warmed up a bit and have killer humidity.....though it is not bad enough that I am missing being 112 degrees with 15% humidity.

I'm truly grateful for the 6/10s of an inch that we received, even if it is evaporating almost as quickly as it fell. The sky is getting very dark just north of us, so maybe Marietta or northern Love County will get a bit more rain. I'm not sure we will. Regardless, this is our first day under 100 degrees since June 29th, so we've enjoyed every second of it.

The water at Lake Texoma likely is much cooler today too. Lately it has been holding steady at 90 or 91 degrees, which is the warmest water temperature I remember seeing at that lake.

I'm not ambitious enough to want to weed at this point. I'm just hoping for a whole, entire night without a fire pager going off and waking me up. I feel like if I can get a whole night's sleep for just once this week, I'll wake up feeling like a whole new woman tomorrow. Then, maybe, I'll have the energy to catch up on some chores.

I did get 3 batches of brownies, 2 batches of cookies, 2 batches of sausage balls, and one batch of Sweet Bacon Chicken Wraps put up in the freezer for the next fire, so I did accomplish something today anyway. I also stood in the rain and smelled it and felt it and watched it...and then I scurried inside before the lightning could strike me dead!


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Lisa_H OK(7)

Yay, Dawn!! I'm glad you got some.

Even with three days of flooding in the office, I'm not ready to say I wish the rain would go away. The damage is done, I'd rather have the water :)


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