Photos of some of last years blooms....

powderpuffApril 3, 2013

Divine- Love this tree, beautiful shape, and it is a blooming machine.

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Elsie- late season, first time bloom

Chompoo Paan

Noid, maybe India or Kimo

Star Ruby

Aztec Gold

Sangria- one of my favorites, a non stop bloomer- each info just puts out more and more blooms for many months

Guillot's Sunset- LOVE this one. Easy to root, easy to grow, great bloomer

Thumbelina- noon stop bloomer, such a pretty small tree

Inca Gold


Gulfstream- I got this original cutting from a friend's yard that used to live in the Marathon. I believe Emerson Willis who used to winter there collected and registered this one. The name of the RV park was Gulfstream, hence the name. My tree is about 10 years old now and I cut off a mini tree and rooted it in the summer of 2011, so have 32 now. Easy to root, easy to grow and blooms from May to October or longer in the Keys. Sadly these were too big to bring so they live happily in my yard in the Keys. I will get a nice big cutting to try up here. I miss it,

Madame Poni first bloom late in season- not much twisting of petals

Noid #2

Nassau with heat

Nassau again

Kaneohe Sunburst

Heart of Gold-

Noid- Much oranger than it appears in this photo, possibly Kauka Wilder or a seedling of it? I gave Emerson WIllis a big 4 tip cutting, hoping it will bloom for him this summer and he will know what it is.

NOID- I love this one. It is so fragrant, like Gardenia. You can smell it all over the yard! It's such a pretty coral pink. I collected this one from a tree in the Keys.

Singapore- so fragrant, such pretty leaves, I had to leave this one in the Keys in the ground where it is very happy..., zero cold tolerance for central FL.

Noid Rainbow - a friend gave me 2 huge multi tipped cutting of this tree. It's very compact, blooms like mad and one of the easiest ever to root.

Noid Yellow , got a big multi tipped cutting, more like a small tree from a generous neighbor. Sadly, this one rotted this winter and I lost it. Have no clue why. It was big had about 7 tips.I will replace it next time I go down. :(

Noid white given to me by a friend in the Keys. This one is special because the blooms are so heavy and waxy. Fragrance isn't as great or strong as some of the other whites but the flowers last forever. I picked one and put it on my kitchen window sill and it lasted 5 days out of water.

Japanese Lantern- given to me by Emerson Willis- he collected it from a tree that he trims each year for the owner in Marathon. The mother tree is HUGE and gorgeous. I have some photos, will find them and post later.

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kt2fl(okla z7)

Beautiful blooms! I wish my trees are that big, but then again they're not planted in the ground so that would be a big hassle moving them in and out every year.

Thanks for sharing!


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Most of mine are in pots now. I left the bigger ones in the ground, some were way too big to move. I am going to put some in the ground up here this summer. I think they grow much faster. Then will dig them up for the winter. Emerson Willis does this every year and it works for him. Some of his trees are huge. I can't imagine doing what he does each winter. That is real love.

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Very nice to see some beautiful plants. As long as you took cuttings with can all be done again. I would also consider in ground planting the less sensitive varieties until you are more comfortable with winters in your new area and have figured out the "micro climates" at your new home.

The reason he digs them up in the winter isnt because of the cold but due to the "gumbo" soil he has being so close to Galveston Bay.

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Very nice!!! I love the Coral Noid. What a shame you had to leave them. Hopefully all will work out with the move. We are looking at moving and I'm just figuring it out here and then I'll have to start all over. Peg

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! Can't wait for summer. :)


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Powder...

Those pics are gorgeous!

The trees are so full of blooms and are so healthy. I'm sure it was hard to leave those behind, but you can have nice size trees in containers and like K mentioned, you can see what can be planted in the ground once you are familiar with your new home.

I just love scrolling thru your pics.. Makes me long for the warm temps and a trip to some tropical location.. Oh, to be in Hawaii or Florida/ CA. I just love these trees and I can't think of a better fragrance...

Thank you for the "eye candy". Lol.. Now I will go to sleep and dream of my favorite things... ;-)

Thank you again,


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

always great to see flowers when the plants are waking up- makes me wonder what the summer will bring for my garden. Thanks for sharing. Bill

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I love that NOID Rainbow. How large are the flowers? They look big!

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Sultry... the flowers aren't that big. I have a photo somewhere of the mother tree. I will try to find it and post it. They are are on the smaller side but what they lack in size they make up for in numbers and length of bloom time. It's an early bloomer and bloomed into late October.

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