Trying to Identify a Pepper veriety

feathersiteMarch 2, 2010

My dad and I grow some peppers that an old Indian gave my dad many years ago while on a hunting trip in CO. He told my dad that they were Chimyo's but I'm not sure. Can anyone help?? These peppers are hotter than jalepeno's and have, I think, a great flavor. My dad called the the "indecent peppers" because they grow straight up on the plant. They are about 6" long depending on the soil grown in. They turn red when mature and other than that I have no other information. They are a bit small to peel but make great HOT salsa or dries "sprinkle on". Can anyone help?

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Chimayo maybe? Peppermania sells them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Peppermania

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juicyj(Zone 6)

Theres actually a thread on this pepper from about 4 years ago.
Did you try googling "chimayo pepper"?
Its the first thing that comes up.

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Chimayos aren't hotter than a jalepeno...they're rather mild/medium. They also grow with fruits hanging down rather than upright.

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I may have solved my problem w/ my pepper identity. It might be a Mirasol, however the info I have read said these at not too hot. Mine are HOT. The only ones I found hotter are Habenero's and I don't care for the flavor of those. Any other ideas??

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