Long Branch NJ palms thsi year...

trishmick(z7NJ)July 12, 2011

Had time before work, and since I live nearby, I'd thought I'd head up to the Pier Village area and check out this year's setup. Parked at a condo complex a few blocks north and walked a little ways south down the boardwalk. Looks like a similar layout. Here are a few pics, with the last two of a popular restaurant where I parked. Like it or not, this kind of thing is not going away any time soon me thinks. I'm on the "pro" side re: the whole idea. I've lived at the beach my whole life and couldn't imagine being far away from the water. Stepping on the sand and seeing palms just imparts a powerful feeling of vacation for me, so why not have it close at hand...

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Amazing! it looks like the tropics...it's just hard to believe they would go thru all the trouble and money each year to do all this...I mean it looks great, but it also looks expensive..but hey I'm sure it increases tourism. The coconut palms look fantastic and so do the queens, pigmys and foxtails.

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I think the look is very unnatural on the beach, but it looks great on the land! I would plant less palms on the beach, and more on the land surrounding the beach (well of course if it was actually me, I would be planting more subtropical trees (like crapes, southern mags, live oaks, long leaf pines, and various yuccas) and hardy palms (like needles sabals and trachycarpus) with a few palms that need protection (like butias, European fan palms, ect..)).

But its a nice look! I feel bad for the death of all those palms, but to be honest, its a nice sight to see, and Im sure thousands of people will see these palms and will be loving them before winter sets in again!

Thanks for sharing! They all look like they are loving our summers!

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