Best Crape Myrtles in town

wetsuiter(7b/8a)July 15, 2012

Since there have been several recent posts about crape myrtles, I thought I'd highlight one around the corner from me. There are older ones, there are taller ones, and crape murdered ones (Guilty! ...only to get more sun in my small garden) all over town, but these are spectacular.

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Wow beautiful crape myrtle! There is one just like that in my town, but it's not close by so I dont get pics of it. Its really nice to see those aincently tall crape myrtles since more of the local ones are only medium sized trees. Mine will probably have to be crape murdered one day since it's in a spot where lots of plants require full sun!

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Wow, truly spectacular. I wish they would grow here in true fashion. My pathetic attempts as a die-back perennial are pretty sad.

What's the deal with this "crape murder" thing I keep reading about? It's considered a "sin" to trim them up to shape and control them?

I can "sort of" see this author's point about seeing the stubs on a cut-back plant in the winter. However, like any shrub, you could always take it back completely to the ground, let it start over, select a few new main trunks, and let the whole thing re-grow. Right?

Anyway, it's all academic in Michigan, because we are limited to lilac murder, viburnum murder, forsythia murder, etc.

Now junipers pruned into "poodle bushes" and Alberta spruce butchered into spirals, there's a real crime against good taste.

Here is a link that might be useful: I just don't get it -- what's the big deal?

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Cape Murdering is a pun. Crapes only flower on new growth, so it is common to prune them back SEVERELY on an annual basis each late winter before they start growing. They usually are cut back to just four or five primary trunks with out and branches, often resembling bare bamboo sticks, until they sprout out. They do look harsh, but in a milder climate they grow out quickly and thickly. Each new branch then flowers, but usually a few weeks later.

This beauty started blooming about two weeks ago, while my Crapes murder victims are just just starting to bloom. Which is fine by me as it gives me color in the garden after all the perennial day lilies and hydrangea are finished. I murder mine in alternate years because it is labor intensive since I have five and it creates a lot of yard waste. I hate doing that, but if I let mine get full sized like this, I'd have ZERO sun in my garden, which is already shadier than I'd like.

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