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tapapoiApril 24, 2014


I imported some plumeria from Thailand about ten years ago. I remember that I got an import permit but I let it lapse after a couple of years. I want to get some more now but I'm not sure about the 12 to a box rule. Is it true that if you have 12 or fewer in a shipment you don't have to have an import permit?

I bought some last summer and there were more than 12, which the seller put in one box. I got an APHIS notice in the box that this one went through but I would need to get an import permit for future shipments. I have applied for a new permit online but their site says it could take two months to get it. That's why I was wondering if the limit over which they require a permit is true. Is there an under the radar number?


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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

I received an APHIS notice several years ago for just 2 cuttings. I doubt the regulations have loosened over the years with new pests and diseases looming. But enforment is another thing.

Your location relative to the port of entry can be a benefit with or without the permit as certain inspection stations seem to be less strict than others. If it goes through L.A. then its more than likely to be written up for Phomopsis and destroyed (even if they were dipped and included a Phyto). You will be rolling the dice if you forgo the permits but its known that the inspection stations on the East and Gulf Coast let things slide too easily.

The 12 cuttings is not something I can find at APHIS website, but there is something about a small number of seeds not requiring a permit.

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Thanks for the reply, Musaboru. I remember that Los Angeles was harder to get plants through. I lost some through there, and one time they were held up there for weeks for some reason. Everything I've gotten in the past has been opened and inspected, whether or not I had a permit to import it.

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I got my import permit already. It is so fast online! I thought I'd have to wait a couple of months. Just wanted to let people know if you want to get one it apparently takes only several days to get it if you apply online.

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maark23 TX/8a

Did you get from the Aphis website? I may just apply for one.


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Hi Mark.

To get permits online you have to get an eAuthentication account for USDA sites and have "level 2 access". First register with them and then you have to make an appointment with a Local Registration Authority (LRA) at a USDA Service Center. The site above explains it and you can do a search for the nearest office. It was easy, the LRA person just took info from my driver's license and that was it. It's just to prove that you are who you say you are. Then you can apply for permits online.

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maark23 TX/8a

Awesome!! Thank you for the info Mary!

I'm hoping tomorrow I can go down to the USDA Service center, it is five minutes away from work!

Thanks again!


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