Cicadas have arrived

reddingAugust 4, 2011

I had heard a few cicadas over the past couple of weeks, but last night they arrived in my yard in force. For the first time since we moved here, they were buzzing in the tree over my head as I was watering the berries. These critters are new to me. I really don't know much about them. Does their arrival mean that a lot more plants are going to be damaged? Do I need to be concerned?

Can one of you long-time Okies fill me in on them? And what's the stuff I read about them online that says they appear every 17 years? Oh, yeah? So do we just have rotating crops of them every year, or what?!


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I can't speak for the rest of Oklahoma, since I've only lived in Love County, but we have them here every single year. Their incessant drone is obviously associated with summer, and I don't really mind it in the beginning, but after a while I do get tired of it. It only lasts a few weeks though.

Our cicada numbers are low here so far this year, but I am not complaining.

In Oklahoma we have both annual cicadas and periodical cicadas. I think the periodical ones on the 13-year cycle are due this year, but were expected to be an issue only in easternmost parts of the state.

Suzie posted an article back in the winter or spring warning us that they were expected this year. I'll find it and link it.

I've never really noticed damage from them but they do feed on trees. My cats think they are just big cat toys, and the cats and the cicada killers spend a lot of time killing cicadas here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Suzie's Thread With The Cicada Story

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That's a great article, Dawn. Thanks for posting the link. What it doesn't mention is just how far that sound can travel. I was driving on back roads in AZ one year, had the windows down, and I began to hear this incredible buzzing. It sounded like some sort of big machinery. There was nothing much out there but sagebrush and I couldn't figure it out . . . until I passed a stand of cottonwoods a couple of miles up the road. The sound was the most amazing thing I've ever heard. It was like driving past a factory! Nope. Cicadas. A whole LOT of them.

And any of you that have animals have probably had an experience like this. My daughter's young bulldog decided to catch one of them, and then tried to give it to her. He was quite pleased with himself and wanted to share. His mouth and lips were going bzzzzt. . . . . bzzzzzt as he tried to show off the prize he was holding. Good grief!


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ROFL!!! That's a great story, Pat!

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Copperheads love them. In my yard they come up the second week in July. When they emerge from the ground and leave their exoskeleton is when the copperheads are thick in my yard. That is why I spray under my elm in early July.

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