This 12 year old deserves a medal...

Jsschrstrcks(9)March 3, 2012

he's eating a douglah...

just nuts haha...

He also eats a bhut, 7pod, and a few others.. For most of them he sits there, holds his composure, and comments on the heat and taste etc.... But in the douglah one, he.. well you'll just have to watch and see...

I bet his father is proud.

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UNREAL>>>>>this kid is a tank!!

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LOL, He's been doing reviews for a while now. He used to post on another forum but haven't seen him around much lately.

He's pretty amazing testing/handling the super hots. A sliver of the Douglah on my lip slayed me, he's tougher than me! He is what you get when you expose your kids to Neil's (Hippy Seed) pepper test videos ;-)

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Jeez,another informative video.
Who da thunk a super hot was hot....

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sounds a little harsh smokemaster ;)

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I hear ya, but, it's harmless fodder in an otherwise slow period.

The kid proves his metal and gets his 15 minutes of fame with his youtube channel, no harm done. At least he's not posting videos of himself car surfing.

Peace friend

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esox07 (4b)

Those Youtube vids are funny. Sometimes though, I think they are bogus. They either eat a less hot pepper or they edit out the real bad parts. But some of those idiots just plain don't realize what they are getting into. hahahaha

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Medal for what?

File it in the Redundancy file under redundant.

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Rathos(7b PA)

I see smoke is a little bit envious ;)


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Envious of what?

Some person doing the 3 millionth video of eating the same pepper as tons of similar thinking people have already done.

I just think a billion videos of the same thing over and over and over again is a waste of bandwith and of whatever pepper is being eaten.

I guess it just goes to show how little it takes to entertain some people.

They should have a forum section for videos only.
Right next to the ones that are of watching paint dry and grass growing in real time.

At least do a video of something useful, like tasting a new sauce,bbq rub or whatever if you must do a video.

Something like that might help some people decide if they might want to buy the stuff or not.

I see no purpose in a bunch of videos about the same thing being posted forever,over and over again.
I could care less that some person ate a douglah or any other super hot on a video.

12 years old?
Kid was 5 or 6 when I grew my first 7 pots,Bhuts and Scorpions.
I think it was 2006 when Butch sent me some of his 7 pot Jonah and Scorpion seeds.
I got Morouga seeds from Chris a year or so after that.
Probably was growing red Savina 3-5 yrs. before that...
Kid wasn't even born when I started growing hot peppers.

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I was just impressed that such a young kid could handle himself so well... Thats becoming rare these days.

Also the fact that you felt you had to defend yourself against a joke says more about you than perhaps you realize... I'll leave it at that... I'm done with this thread.

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Wow.....and I'm not talking about the video. I remember a while back someone posted a pic of some peppers asking what they were. I commented the looked like red habs...because thats what they looked like to me on the screen of a phone. "smokemaster" went off on some tangent about how people who don't know what they're talking about always say "red habs" and shouldn't tell people stuff"..blah blah blah. I pretty much disregard his comments now but it is good for a little entertainment.

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Rathos(7b PA)

Well, every hundred acre wood needs it's Eeyore.


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scotty66(8 Hutto TX)

video quality was pretty good and the kid is developing some good skills (public speaking, performing etc.). very entertaining.
Look out anderson cooper, here comes your replacement.

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I was just stating my opinion.

I just get really tired of having to scroll past a bunch of videos on different sites of the same thing over and over again to find something that is worth clicking on.

I visit several pepper sites and can't even count how many times that specific video has been posted recently.Sometimes by different people,a couple times, on the same sites.
Maybe that's why there aren't special Video sections on pepper sites.
Sites would loose hits once people realised that most of the videos are the basically the same thing.

Like I said,do one of a sauce or something nobody has done yet.
Something that would be something that is new and informative.
That was my point,nothing more.

Didn't mean to kick sand on your hero's beach blanket.

Maybe it's because it's a kids video my opinion got you guys so upset.I don't know.

I feel the same way about most any video that is the same thing over and over again on the net.
Wether it's a couple guys saying "Hey Bubba,hold my beer and watch this" or whatever.

I think some of you guys take some of my posts too personally.

If the red hab post was the one I think it was.I wasn't getting on anyones case.
It was meant in the context of "tastes like chicken" type thing.
I also think it was about calling everything a Caribbedan Red,not calling everything a red hab.
If I remember right I was just saying there are a lot of red habs.out there that aren't caribbean reds.

Seems like you might be the one who took my post the wrong way,if it's the post I think it was...
People call anything that they don't know what it is a caribbean red hab.
You might be the one who took it as an attack on you,it wasn't.
It was just another post by some one you don't know that you may have taken the wrong way.

I never claimed to be a writer,so it is possible that my words were written in a way that didn't make you happy.

What is a eyeore?
Probably nothing good...I never heard of it,don't really know what it is...
I could use an acre of good farm land to grow my peppers on though...

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Hey Smokemaster,

"proves his metal" was meant as an analogy of proves the toughness of his armor, ie. his ability to handle super hots with a good degree of composure.

I concur that the fact he's a kid plays into why it's different. Yes, a couple of guys drinking beer and eating hots to show they're macho is tiring.

You being a long time pepper community veteran (this one and a number of others) means you've probably seen more of these "amusement" videos than most. Also, knowing how passionate you are with growing peppers and expanding your knowledge, I can understand your frustration with redundant tasting videos etc.

I personally didn't take any offense with your post here and I don't intend any offense with this post. I still contend that the video is harmless fodder while things are a little slow.

Let's all go to our corners and come out to sing around of Kumbaya and get back to talking all things peppers ;-) I kill me!

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I usually agree with Smokemaster...a video of a guy eating a superhot is analogous to a video of a guy changing a diaper...

"ok...I'm going to peel this sucker off now. This baby ate strained peas and noodles last night...WOAH THIS SMELLS...HOLY...THIS IS STINKY" Yep. Crappy diapers smell like crap.'s a super hot. It is flipping hot.

That being said...I did dig this one a bit cause this kid is so young and he has eaten so many different peppers..I watched a few of them and he comments on how the peppers taste too...not just how hot they are....and he offers comparisons of this pepper to that pepper. it isn't just a hick on a dare eating one super hot and saying.."Yep...that there is a hot pepper."

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I would have really gotten people angry if I compared the kids video to changing a diaper.

Don't give me any ideas... LOL

I do get people angry at times because I'm pretty blunt in some posts.

My original post was meant as tongue in cheek humor.

Not meant to offend any specific person, but it was my opinion of most of the videos I've seen lately.

I do watch the videos at times that are of pepper products I hadn't heard of yet.

Depending on who is doing the video,they can be useful in deciding if I might want to give the product a try.

I used to like Neil's videos but now those too have gotten to repetitious for my likes.

For me it's like TV.
You watch a new show because you like it , but after a couple seasons of re runs you don't watch it or care for it any more.

I just don't see why so many people take some posts so seriously when it's just one persons opinion about something,nothing more.
They take it as a personal attack.

The one guy who says he was attacked by me over a red habanero post?
I guess I must have really pissed him off.
Oh was way more important to him than it was to me.
Took me a while to "maybe" figure out what he was talking about.

Ya I spend way too much time on Pepper and fishing forums...

Here is a link that might be useful: kumbaya-Joan Baez

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LMAO Smoke.

Fell in love with Joan Baez's voice in the 70's and wanted to marry her. Saw her live in 90 and realized she could be my grandmother! Bubble popped. Still, a voice that can move you.

It's all good. As for this post, Bill Withers once said... and drift away.

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Rathos(7b PA)

Everyone is so apologetic and tame. You have an opinion, it's just as valid as the next person. Don't back down.

Personally - I never watch 90% of those videos because it's a waste of time to me. On the other hand, i think you need variety to have a healthy forum community. I find it interesting that there isn't an off topic forum here at gardenweb, (unless i've missed it) because in my limited experience (since forums became used on the internet, and BBS before that) when your community has a place to share ideas off topic but on the same board it helps form stronger relationships among members. that increases loyalty and poster base.

it also makes for some interesting arguments. i think that's all healthy because really... people don't just come here and keep reading for robotic information regurgitation. you find forum regulars and personalities that give a place like this life, and make it more interesting than "x person said y about z plant." otherwise, why bother with a forum?

now obviously you can take my opinion right to the garbage can, and that's all good. i just like to stir the pot, and often will present a point counter to what i really think just to keep the conversation going. I do think that we need to have fun, and i normally just reserve comment if i think something is dumb...but not always ;)

that being said, smokemaster, let the kids play =P

Here is a link that might be useful: This is what an Eeyore is =)

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So I'm a pessimistic, gloomy, depressed, anhedonic, old grey stuffed donkey?
(Nice way to fuel the fire Rathos. LOL)

Kind of a strange coming from some person I've never met and that doesn't know me personally.

An insulting opinion just because I don't care for a video posted on the internet?

I bet you make a lot of friends with you snap judgement of peoples character.

Or was that supposed to be a joke?

I'll have to remember that the next time some person has nothing to trade and I SASBE them 60 or 70 varieties of pepper seeds.

I just got such a request from this site 5 min. ago...guy has nothing to trade.

I guess the person didn't know I'm a pessimistic, gloomy, depressed, anhedonic, old grey stuffed Donkey.

Maybe I should send him to a couple of you guys for his free Morouga and super hot seeds.

Well I gotta go help the Chili Impared with some seeds right now.
Important stuff that needs doing.

Maybe they can post a video or 3 of them eating a super hot they grew from my free seeds at seasons end.

I can only hope. :)

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esox07 (4b)

Sometimes text communication doesn't portray the whole story. Facial gestures, hand movements, tone, volume and inflection in voice all can drastically alter the textural message.

Guys, let's just chalk this whole thread up to miscommunication.

PS: I say this in light and calm manner. No frown or furled eyebrows.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

There's this crazy new option available to us now....

It's called: if you don't like a Thread, don't comment. If you don't like a Video, don't watch it.

Pretty dang simple. And it saves everyone the trouble of interpreting text.


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I didnt look at the video but i see this thread got alot of hits, so i finally read it.

My own personal opinion i find zero entertainment value in watching people "no matter what age" eating hot peppers on a you tube video. Ive seen people in real life right in front of me eating them after i tricked them or dared them into eating them. Yes its a bit funny :)

If ya like watching videos of people eating hot peppers, thats all good too.


P.S. When i saw the title i thought it was that some kid developed some new pepper type, or invented some new space age gardening method, lol. I guess ya cant judge a book by its cover.

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WOW! Guess it's obvious that a lot of people take their pepper growing seriously!
It was entertaining at first watching people eating hot peppers but I have to agree with smokemaster that it has been waaay overdone...I prefer to see someone showing how to make a new type of sauce and describing the flavors to see if its something I'd be interested in trying. I'd be careful before I started attacking someone who has spent a great deal of time both educating and benefiting other chiliheads and wanna-be-chileheads with first hand knowledge AND seeds, making it possible for novices to be successful growers. Rock on, Smoke. I appreciate you and EVERYONE else that contributes, no matter your view or preferences.

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Rathos(7b PA)


I'm just not sure what to make of your responses without a full blown literary analysis, and I can't decide which tact you're taking. that is, indeed, because i don't know you (reverse applies). but if i was forced to sum it up in one line:

i think you may be taking this all too literally =)

-Rathos, fueling the e-fire since 1997

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This link comes with the fair warning that if you don't want to watch it, you shouldn't click... however in light of the Eeyore comments, I remembered a series of videos that my nephew had me watch once upon a time.... Any way, here's the one about Eeyore.

it casts him in a somewhat better light than the wiki link.

Frankly after pooh, I liked Eeyore the best. He was always grateful for little things (even when someone gave him a broken birthday balloon), willing to adapt (IE when he lost his tail and people tried replacing it with numerous inadvertent tortures, and still loves his friends even when they almost always end up being mean to him... He has somewhat of a tortured soul. But is the best at Pooh Sticks. He even offers good farming advice: "Never trust a cloudy day I always say" Eeyore.

Any way, fwiw I think the Eeyore comment might have been in jest as well Smoke... Though as has has been said numerous times, who can say for sure via text?

Oh bother.

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My responce to the Eeyore wasn't anything but giving Rathos a woody.
He's been trolling for me and or others to get pissed.Stiring the pot...

I posted a reply to make him happy,I'm at work,14hrs,7days a week.
What can I say,I've been bored lately. LOL

I had actually googled Eeyore already and then decided to play with Rathos - he was trolling sooo hard.

I gave him a couple nibbles then tied his line to a big rock,made him think he hooked the big one.

Turns out he didn't know what to do with a 300lb. rock once he reeled it in. :)

I'm done,too many people are taking this too seriously and I contributed to it when I played with Rathos ,it's going to get past a few verbal jousts.

The only post I wonder about is Schism's about the red hab thing.
Went back 40 pages on this forum but couldn't find the post...
I wanted to see what he was talking about.
I'm not in the habit of intentionally belittling or insulting some person just for guessing a peppers name.

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Now I'm gonna have to break out my vinyl and turntable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Drift away

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I looked it up too and couldn't find it. It's been a while but I have a memory like a steel trap and I remember it. It's really not something I lost sleep about. You're comments have 0 bearing on my life. I actually laughed about it and called my wife over to look at it. She commented "maybe he's tired of hearing about red habs". No biggie. I'm sure you're a nice guy who's passionate about peppers. I just feel if you don't like the post, don't comment or click the link. No blood no foul bro'. Happy growing.

    Bookmark   March 6, 2012 at 7:33PM
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