Finally, power...

mastiffhoo(7)July 5, 2012

So, I was in a direct line with the powerful wind storms Friday night. Just now got power and so many more are still without power in the area. The trees that were knocked over left one in awe!

The bad thing for me in losing power (other than trying to sleep at night) is I am on well water - hence, no electricity = no water. Most of my potted plants were scorched and are dead.

With that being said, I am truly blessed that it was not worse. We do have a good God and I continue to pray for the rest in the area that are without power.

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We were w/out power from Sunday 4:30pm until Tuesday 0312am because of severe storms but had water, i kept see'in on the news about folks still w/out since Friday & had no right to complain because of y'alls situation. Thank the good Lord y'all are gett'in back what we all take for granted at times!

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Man,what a terrible time to be without electricity!

Sorry about your plants-mine would not last long without water the way the heat has been.

Not to mention the air-conditioning thing!!!!!

Click for weather forecast

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That sucks! I can't imagine going nearly a week without power in this heat and humidity.

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Wow, so sorry to hear about your plants and the lack of power. A week without water and ALL my potted plants would be dead in this heat, minus the succulents (probably including the plumerias) and maybe some of the plants growing in shade. If that happened to me I guess I would try and put as many in the shade as possible, but I would still lose a lot.
And the worst part is no AC! I was in Florida in 2003 when the entire northeast lost power so I have no experience with that blackout, but most people went in their cars for the AC and in their pools before the pools got cloudy and green from the filer not working! Its pretty incredible to think how much we have to rely on electricity, especially in the summer months!

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No kidding, of all the times to lose power, it happened to be this week. Very uncomfortable nights...

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