Lots of leaves, but no blooms!

costaricafincaApril 17, 2010

The plant looks healthy but have had no blooms. The ones I see that are just growing wild near the beach have no leaves buy many flowers...

The plant is 3 years old. I have some smaller plants from cutting from this one, but no blooms there, either.

Suggestions, anyone?

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How large is it. It might be too young to bloom. Or maybe you should get some fertilizer thats not high in nitrogen to get it too bloom. There are lots of things you can apply to get a plumeria to bloom better and faster, but I dont know the specific names.

good luck!

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I was surprised to get a response so quickly! I came back to edit my post, with the added info. It is about 4 ft tall. The conditions are dry and hot, but I do water it.
I don't usually have any problem with my plants not blooming, although I don't usually fertilize any of them...except for the occasional drop of 'manure tea...'

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Hello Costa,
I know that my plumeria did not bloom and only gave me the nice long dark leaves until I bought a fertilizer that is made specifically for plumeria. Now I know that that isn't necessary but they do require certain nutrients to bloom. My plueria fertilizer is 8-14-10 so I would say that the middle number is what matters most. A lot of people use epsom salts also. I am no expert but I wanted to share with you what I learned and ended up with blooming plumerias. Good luck. I wish I had the opportunity to grow mine outdoors like you.

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Thanks, Andrew, I will look for a fertilizer with those components. I also have a few Plumeria pudica 'Bridal bouquet' plants of which which one had a bloom, but these are still small and are still in pots but I am waiting for 'the rainy season' to plant them in the ground.

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Yeah I also hear that a high middle number is the best fertilzer to give a plumeria when you want it to bloom. Something high in nitrogen is great at the end of the dry season to get new and healthy leaves on it, but once you want to see some summer blooms, definitely fertliize with something with a high middle number.

Good luck!

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