Want Plumeria, Virginia Beach VA

tenbabytoes(8)April 17, 2011

Hi, I live in Virginia Beach, VA. I want to grow a plumeria in a pot and do not know where to start :) What variety/color is the best? Is there anyone here locally that sells them? Thank so much. Teresa

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Hi Teresa,

Hopefully Laura in VB will respond. I picked up real nice 'Miami Rose' plumeria at a McDonald nursery (Hampton) one summer. You have a nice McDonald Nursery in VB, I believe, so you could check them out. Could be they only carried them that one summer though. Who knows? Otherwise, there are many mail-order places to buy. I'd get a rooted cutting first. Try maybe a 'Penang Peach', 'Divine', 'Kimo', or 'Celadine'. There are many, many varieties.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone...

Welcome to the Forum Teresa!

I live in Virginia Beach as well...it is very hard to find Plumeria in our area...

McDonald Nursery did sell them at one time...several years ago..but i dont believe that they do anymore...

The best bet would to buy online like Dave mentioned...better to start out with a rooted Plumeria..but rooting one from cutting is a great joy as well.. Starting with a rooted tree, you will have a better jump start...

I agree with Dave in his choices...The DIvine is small more compact growing tree..The Celadine is a true beauty!!!

Everyone loves the Celadine..Very easy to start with... these blooms that are most thought of when you think of the typical Lei flower from Hawaii..a true wonderful fragrant tree....

I have used Jungle Jacks in Orange County to order some rooted trees..Florida Colors is another...several to choose...if you need more advice on where to purchase from..im sure others will join in and give you more advice!!!

If you would be interested in a cutting to get started...i will be more than happy to give you one....They are in the process of being rooted right now and will take 4-6 weeks to see any progress....so when i do have them established..i will be more than happy to share one with you!!!

But if you do want to get a better start..then look into ordering a rooted tree...like Dave mantioned...

Take care everyone!!

Hi Dave!!!

Laura in VB

I would be happy to help you.. my email is listed ..so you can contact me...

Good luck Teresa....

Welcome to the Forum

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I am looking for a singapore plumeria obtusa or a dwarf singapore, just plain ol white. Any Ideas where to find them? If there are any local growers who might sell me flowers for my wedding that would be amazing as well!

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Contact either Florida Colors or Exotic Plumeria--I know for certain EP sells loose flowers in bulk--and I'm sure one of them can help you and congratulations!

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