Cutting fell over, lost some claws

KimberlyApril 7, 2012

Hello! I just recently got a penang peach cutting, which I just planted April 3rd. I had it sitting in front of the window getting some sun on the heat mat when my fan accidentally fell and knocked it over which resulted in some of the claws (they weren't very big, just starting to get shiny) to be knocked off an it oozed some sap a bit too. My question is, will it be alright and re-grow some claws which eventually will turn into leaves? I am just so bummed out about what happened b/c I am really looking forward to this cutting an am worried that they won't re-form again. It was the only one that took the brunt of the impact.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Kim319,

Dont worry to much about the happens sometimes.

Just pot it back up and make sure it is supported and not loose in the soil. It will be fine. Do you have it on a heat mat?

Relax and the claws will form and the leaves will grow and be just fine.

No worries!! : )

Take care,


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Hello Laura! Thanks for our reassuring. It makes me feel much better. I was just worried about it b/c I am really looking forward to seeing penang peach do it's thing.

Yep, I have a heat mat, two to be exact (one on a desk an one by the south sunny window) an a plant lamp that throws off excellent heat (sometimes the lamp if placed in the proper place, will exceed 90F temps). When I had the lamp shining at the bottom of my bottles, penang peach got shiny claws within 2-3 days.

Again, big thanks! :)

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