Peppers turning black

mynameisgabeJune 14, 2013

Hi everyone. I have two pepper plants - a standard green bell pepper and a "hot banana pepper", both came as transplants from Home Depot and share a container, and both are somewhat new (a month or so in my garden).

The fruits are turning a blackish hue and I don't know if it's a disease or some sort of nutrient issue. The stem area around the nodes also turned blackish, as you can see in the photo. They don't show any other problems. The leaves and fruits all appear healthy, no sores on the fruit and no obvious rot. Nothing other than the strange color.

Someone told me it might be "Fusarium Stem and Fruit Rot" and I would need to destroy the plants, but I wanted to get a second opinion before I did that.

And if that is an accurate diagnosis, will the tomatoes and other plants in close proximity to these 2 pepper plants be affected? These are the only plants to show signs, but I'm nervous my tomatoes will go next... =/



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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

No disease!

The black on the stems at the nodes is normal on peppers.

The one-sided black coloration on the peppers is normal -- a reaction to very bright light.

But I do wonder about your "standard green bell pepper " -- if you purchased the plant,I suspect the tag is wrong. A shopper returned the tag to the wrong pot.

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