Hot Peppers for Hotwing Sauce

thebutcher(6b (Philadelphia area))March 23, 2013

I was wondering if anyone here makes there own Hotsauce for Hotwings? and what kind of Hot Pepper is the best from your past experience?

I am not looking for an incredibly hot pepper that burns your tounge off, but just a very nice tasty Hotpepper with zest and shows a little bit of boldness.

I have been cooking my deepfried hotwings for years now and always settled on a store brand hot sauce, but I just thought would be neat to make my own now and next time I cook at parties I can say it is my officaly own sauce instead of enhancments I used with store brand.

(Also to note: I will probably just grow 2-3 plants after germination so spacing is an issue.) Containers could be a more convienent option but can grow in ground as well.

Thanks in advanced.

- Mr Beno

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Mmmmm.....Hot Wings.........

I'm Thinking Chocolate Scotch Bonnet........

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uncle_t(Z6 Ontario CAN)

Last year I made a great red sauce from very red (ripe) 80% Cherry Bombs and 20% Red Sheppard peppers (approx). Definitely zesty and wonderfully fruity. I processed them with about equal amounts of garden tomatoes. Added quite a bit of garlic, some onions, sugar and some of my homemade red wine (and a pinch of meta bi-sulfate preservative). Froze at least 3 gallons in big pickle jars. Still have 1 jar left. I didn't remove any seeds from any of the fruits, but the food processor pureed them really well.

It's the fruitiness that makes me grow those Cherry Bombs. If I want a hotter sauce, I just add some bonnets or cayenne. And the sweet Red Sheppards give a nice fruit complexity to the existing fruitiness of the Cherry Bombs.

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Scotch bonnets - make a jerk style sauce.
Orange Habanero / chocolate Habanero - nice creeping burn rather than an up-front biting burn.
Thai - asian inspired sauce or even a buffalo style.

It's also good to use something a little more mild mixed in with the hotter ones for depth. something like Ancho or Guajillo.

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I've made some killer hot wing & BBQ sauces last summer with my orange &chocolate habaneros. I also had red/chocolate bhuts and added a tad of those to kick up the heat a level.

The best hot sauce was made with mango & chocolate habanero/bhut! I'm trying a chocolate scotch bonnet this year. Hope I like it as much as the hab.

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thebutcher(6b (Philadelphia area))

Thanks a bunch eveyone, I will get the seeds mentioned and experiment. Could be fun doing 2-3 different Hot sauces.

- Mr Beno

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CanadianLori(6a Oakville)

I am bringing this up because this is one of the uses I want to try. I have a pressure canner and really want to make use of it. Do you puree the mixture?
Many thanks for any and all advice.
(I am soo excited about this coming growing season even though there is snow on the ground again today)

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If you are looking for a basic sauce with just a little zip I would recommend trying some pablano peppers, roasted on the grill then cleaned. Add plentiful roasted garlic, salt, and a little sugar if thats what your taste dictates. Put in a blender with enough vinegar/water in equal proportions to liquify it, then simmer it a bit. Delicious!

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thebutcher(6b (Philadelphia area))

I know this was said before, and I appreciate everyones advice.

I just ordered 100+ "Red Cherry Bomb" seeds to be the bulk base of the sauce and now wondering what I should go with to make different variations. I only saw 2 options to buy from at "Amaz" for Red Cherry Bombs and I like the idea they are fruity and not as hot as others.

Now for my next purchase. For example I will do a (Hot, very Hot, and Extremely Hot). But still looking for the best flavor with the 3 variety of sauces, I will just ad more or less of the following Hotter peppers below.

1.) Orange or Red Scotch Bonet?
2.) Orange or Red Habenro?
3.) Red/orange BHut?
4.) Other

I prefer red or orange for the color but if you think different let me know about chocolate. I just love teh look of a bright red or a redish/orange sauce.

The other thing is I would like to grow these in containers if possible so smaller the better. My area is 6b located between Philly and Princeton

Thanks Again

-----Edit Updated---------

Sorry for update but just saw a good deal on teh web and just purchased the following below,

1. Cayenne Red Long Pepper (100 seeds) $2.30
2 Caribian Red Hot Habenaro (50 seeds) $1.29

I figure for about $3.50 I could not go wrong. I am still interested in Scotch Bonnet and the other Habaneros ect... and after further research I think the Bhut may be too hot. But with the Cayenne, can use it for sauce or just make a bunch of powder and the Caribean for $1.29 was a deal with free shipping and they were running out of stock..

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Sounds like you're pretty well set. Good luck with it, let us know how they progress!

@CanadianLori - If you want a smooth sauce you will likely strain the sauce. I just use a mesh strainer I picked up somewhere along the way. Sometimes I get by with just the immersion blender.

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