hot pepper plants to leggy

casanovaninjaMarch 21, 2014

i would like some advise please, do you think my hot pepper plants are to leggy?? if they are, what can i do to fix this proublem ...please help me. this is my first time growing them, i realy dont want them to grow wrong or die ect...:( please get back to me asap

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Maybe a little. Is that your setup? If so, then yes, you are going to get leggy plants. you need more light and the light needs to be closer to the plants.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Agree with Bruce.

The other point is that (IMO) spot lights/LEDs do not provide uniform light to plants. and you cannot bring them close enough to all your seedlings. I think fluorescent are better choice as grow light.

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More light for sure. And if your ready to turn it into a little project I would find some reflective material to surround the plants if I were you. That brown color makes it a bit dark in there. If you don't have room for 2' or 4' fluorescent lights then I would get some CFL's

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Incandescent bulbs shine mostly in the yellow, orange, and red end of the spectrum. Those colors aren't much use to plants - they want all the blue they can get. Fluorescent bulbs are much bluer - and a lot cooler so they can be put much closer to the leaves.

In Montana it will be quite a while before you can set them outside so you will need to provide better light for them inside until then.

Good luck,


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