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morugamanMarch 14, 2014

Hey guys morugaman here, was wondering what you guys think about growing seedlings in organic topsoil? Do you think it's a bad idea or are there some advantages besides holding moisture?

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Top soil (any type) is dense and retains too much moisture.

You risk your seeds rotting or being compacted and unable to break out of the soil.

I would choose a better draining medium.

Just my opinion,


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Seconded. Bill is absolutely correct.


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Guys it's the complete opposite. It does not hold the moisture very much at all. I water them almost everyday because it tends to dry out pretty quick.

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Please post the brand / name of this top soil you're using.

what you described doesn't sound like any top soil I've encountered?


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Correction on my first post. I meant to say besides not holding moisture. Sorry Im using my phone because I do not have a computer at the moment.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

TOPSOIL can vary in more than one way. If it is taken from a well amended established garden , it can have a lot of organic matter. It can be sandy, loam , clay or any combination.

I have made my own starting mix using garden soil(screened, mixe with dry crushed tree leave) . And on occasion with some added peat moss.

Lets look at it this way: You can always direct sow just about anything in the garden, weather permitting. And they all germinate and grow fine.

Having said all that, a soil less mix is a BETTER option, IMO.

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I feel like the topsoil is a bit sandy and being that it drains easy and does not hold moisture for very long that it probably does not hold nutrients very well. I decided to go get MG's Organic Choice and I'll mix in a little bit of the topsoil with that.

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organic top soil usually isn't sterilized because it will kill the "beneficial microbes". So you can be at higher risks of diseases, molds, fungi, pests, stuff that like that.

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I had a friend nurse a friends house plants in there green house only to get a spider mite infestation. Learned the hard way. Dont bring anything questionable into your grow aria unless your one of those people who like to learn the hard way. A bag of worms might be good for your soil but once it escapes you can find yourself seeking a lot more opinions. Sometimes the short cut is the longest way home.Just my opinion. If your looking for beneficial microbes add some worm castings to 5-1-1 and use that. Have you ever had to deal with Aphids? Things that can come in in soil can be a lot worse. Nematodes, Mites, Slugs,Ants,etc. etc.

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