Bayer adv. disease control

juperJune 17, 2010


Has anyone used this product as a soil drench? If so, what would be the right ounce per gallon mix? I am using this for a succulent garden. Thx -j

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Dan Staley

I doubt too many people have used it in a succulent garden, as the label does not list succulents (likely as they have a different metabolism than the plants listed). Might work on some rusts or fungi.

And I'm not sure, botanically, why a topical product for foliar fungal diseases would work from the inside. Makes no sense.


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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

It's always good to read the label.

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What reason do you have for using this product?
Do your succulents show signs of disease?
If not using any such product is largely a waste of your time, energy, but mostly your money. Spreading stuff like that around when there is no reason to simply adds to the pollution of our world.

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The active ingredient works on diseases of the leaves and stem. Not active on root disesses or not enough to even be listed on a commercial products label.


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Thanks Dan and Schmoo for your thoughtful replies.
I'm using this product specifically for blacks spots and rust on my plants.

Dan, I'm also curious how a contact pesticide can act as a systemic; thus, the question about drench application.
Maybe, it's truly a translaminar and cannot move within the vascular tissues. -j

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The active ingredient in this product works as a systemic. It is not labeled for soil drench purposes and you should not use it as such. It's systemic action occurs as it is absorbed into the plant tissue.

Be very careful when handling this product. There are many 'unknowns' about the level of toxicity.

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Dan Staley

Juper, it is not labeled for succulents. I don't work for Bayer so I don't know what their chemists did, but succulents have much different cuticles and metabolism than the plants for which this product is labeled. And I should clarify that I'm not sure how it would work as a soil drench, as you need to contact the areas with infection for efficacy.

Nonetheless, if you have already broken the seal on the consumer product, I'd test a small area of one plant to see what happens, can't say I'd wager on it working. If you haven't broken the seal, I'd return the product and make your own. When I lived in Seattle my succulents on the balcony got several fun fungi and I made my own spray to eradicate them. Plenty of recipes on this site to choose from with materials at hand.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

And keep in mind that succulents have a reputation for being rather 'touchy' when it comes to chemical solutions being applied to the tissue. If you do end up doing the 'test', as Dan suggested, be sure to let us know what happens after a few days.

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Thanks rhizo and dan for your replies.

Dan, per your post "Plenty of recipes on this site to choose from with materials at hand."

I did a number of searches on home made remedies for fungicide. What home made fungicide remedies have you used that have shown great results? Just wondering.
Of course, I would opt for something less toxic if it's proven effective. thx, -j

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