rooting cutting+egg broke=_________

phalanx_viridisApril 9, 2014

Can anyone with rooting experience help me out? I have rooted only a couple seasons now and I am using the egg method this year.

problem: I have a Jeannie Moragne cutting where it looks like the egg had a micro crack and has leaked slowly into the surrounding perlite.

history: the cutting is 4 weeks deep into rooting; it is a cutting from a local nursery here in SoCal; set up 2 inches deep using DynaGro's Root Gel on callus and placed into a perlite 80-90% and pine bark chips in a clear plastic 32 oz PowerAde bottle. Egg can be seen through the bottle and can be smelled (not too bad, minor odor of old milk); leakage looks minor and gelatinous currently.

Should I abort this potting set up and re-configure or should I leave as is; to not break new micro-roots etc? My concern with leaving it is that the rot from the egg proteins could spread to the cutting, but I don't want to break any roots that may have already formed early.

Please advise

Thank you kindly.

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history addendum: rooted indoors/bright light/heat mat-media temps 84-90F var./no visible roots yet

and an additional pic

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I have rooted everything for the last 3 years with the egg method....never have had one break or any odor ever. I think I would use a razor blade and EVER so carefully gently cut the plastic away and start over carefully so as not to damage roots. Did it get dropped? The gases do come out of all the pores over time and that is what the roots seem to like to grow towards quickly over time. When I repot months to a year after, depending on how fast that name roots, my eggs are always hollow. good luck, roxanne

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Honestly, with your medium being very loose since it's mostly perlite, if you are very concerned you can just tip it on its side and gently scoop out the perlite with a finger until it falls away from the cutting. If you are very careful I don't think it would rip the roots since it's so light. You could take a look & then repot after rinsing out the container if all is good.

Now, if your cutting feels firm at the base and no shriveling or anything, chances are the cutting is fine and many will say just leave it alone....but since the egg is involved I don't know. Personally, although people warn against it I have taken cuttings out to look at them to ease my mind and they have been fine but it's ultimately what you feel comfortable with.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

I would take it out, rinse the cutting and start over. ( throw out the old mix). With the egg broken, it will cause mold and all sorts of unwelcome pest..

Like Rox and Emily, it will be easy to take out and not hurt the cutting.. It's new, so it should be fine to start over.

Good luck!!!


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okay thanks for your help! I am going to slowly pull it out after scraping/pouring the perlite out.

@rox- I am doing the egg rooting method based on a lot of research so I am with you on the benefits, such a cool phenomenon! I know it was never dropped but the eggs are some local farm eggs so maybe it had a flaw or micro crack that I didn't notice...I am doing about a dozen in the same fashion in a wine case box and they are all doing well....I am interested to see how they root. Thanks for your input!

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ok here is a pic of the is still firm down to the cut. I am super stoked because the end is definitely swollen and flaring out which looks to be extra tissue bulk preparing to send roots out. There are also little root nublets above the end of the cambium that were not on the cutting at time of planting..I am going to replant the cutting without the root gel.

what are your thoughts?

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here is another shot

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3 months later ::bump:: Jean Moragne rooted!

I switched out the mix for fresh perlite. I have come to the conclusion that my mix was too light being almost all perlite and the MPG cuttings were so beefy, they were crushing my eggs beneath. I did the egg with a slightly heavier mix of perlite/peat and I have had great success!

I have come from 0% rooted rate last season, to 100% rooted this season, I am super stoked! I owe my success to this forum and to all of the experts that have lent their advice. Even my Bill Moragne is showing roots this week; I potted him in late February.

Just as an experiment, I left some of the mystery cuttings in the original mix with broken eggs (smelly) and they rooted quickly; some quicker than those with intact problem with the broken egg..other than the smell. My wife would not go out into the garage for a few weeks citing the odor. Not a controlled experiment, but if the egg breaks-no big deal as long as you can ward off pests and flies :)

thanks again for your help rox/elucas101/Laura!

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Love to hear of your success. I have had easy times rooting Jeannie w/egg...BUT hear Bill is hard to root so many graft. Congrats to you! roxanne

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GREAT NEWS!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to update us! Really happy for you and looking forward to some Jeannie Jr. / Bill M. pics from you in the future!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

I am so happy for you as well!!!

Congratulations!! Great job!!!!


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Andrew Scott

I personally am a big fan of the egg method. I was only ever able to root this way. My friend Bo convinced me to give plumeria another try. I had tried several times before and decided plumeria rooting was not for me. Now I have a huge collection, that is just starting to take off. Maybe I would have been better off not attempting rooting again...LOL!

Great to see your success!


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