fertilizing young palms and at what age

larrm(6b)July 9, 2011

At what age should fertilizer be introduced to small palms, I have 50 seedlings of different palm variaties from 4 inches to a foot in height that have propagated over the winter and are now enjoying our 80-90s f temperatures here in tropical Southern Ontario. Would they be to young to start using small amount of Epson salts and a light fertilizing. I purchased a Schultz 16-12-12 slow release granular with micro nutrients,purchased in the Miichigan would a small amount be ok to use

Here in Ontario it is difficult to find a desireable palm fertilizer with mico nutrients... other than liquid Miracle Grow that contains some Micro Nutrients

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks Larry

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I think at that size I would go with some diluted miracle grow before using anything granulated. A lot of palm growers in So Cal here use injector systems in their greenhouse that literally fertilize with a diluted liquid fertilizer everytime they get watered (often multiple times a day)... very safe... and effective if nice and warm out.

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Thank you for your advice and taking the time to reply


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