Jalapeno Seeds Won't Dry Properly

SlagathorMarch 8, 2012

A few weeks ago I bought some Jalapeno's from Walmart (never make the same mistake) and I really wanted to dry out the seeds to grow some Jalapeno's. I tried taking the seeds out of a fresh one to dry them and they ended up getting shriveled up and kind singed looking. I tried that twice and both times failed. I did the same exact method with some Habanero seeds at the same time and they all dried flawlessly! Right now I have some Jalapeno's air drying so hopefully those will work. Does anybody know why all of the seeds died-off or whatever? Granted I didn't wash them but I didn't wash the habs either.

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Not sure, probably the peppers were not too good. I have some jalapeno seeds I can mail you if you'd like, shoot me an e mail edwardsims9@sbcglobal.net

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If I were to save seeds from a jalapeno, would let it ripen on the plant to red then harvest the seeds.

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If you don't see a black-ish speck of germplasm inside the seed they're generally not viable. The empty husks tend to curl/brown.

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Why dry them if you are just going to plant them? Fresh seeds will sprout without first drying them, but if you took the seeds from unripe (green) jalape�os, they probably won't be viable.

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Look for jals that are plump, maybe with some corking and some possible color breaking. See if they will ripen further on your counter before seeding and sowing. The farther along you can get 'em, the more likely the seed will be viable. I did something similar two seasons ago cuz I found some nice large ones at the local grocer(mexican import). I picked out a few that seemed like they would ripen and sowed some fresh seed, and dried the rest. The fresh had a higher germination rate than the dried. Unfortunately, they turned out to be hybrids and the fruit was nice and large, but not hot, although I got a few that were. Still yummy red ripe, but I had to mix them with hotter peppers/flakes for certain dishes.

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If I had known what midwestchilehead said 1000 years ago this wouldn't have happened. I looked around online and all I saw was cut the pepper open and put the seeds on a napkin, there wasn't any info anywhere on not being able to use green ones :\ And also I've always been told that using fresh pepper seeds won't work, I didn't really see why not but whatever. Thanks a lot for all the help guys

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