Coconut palm needs transplanted soon.

us_marineJuly 21, 2012

Seems kinda fast, just last year I transplanted it into a bigger container. I now see roots begining to come out of two of the drainage holes. In a few days I think i am going to transplant it in a larger container. Probably best to do it now while weather is warm.

Once planted in a bigger contianer it will be very heavy, next step after that has to be planted in the ground. I'm not sure what I am going to do when it has to planted in the ground. Any ideas? I wanna avoid giving it away or having a permanent green house. Thats a few years away but I rather plan now.

Only thing I can think of is building a temporary green house during colder weather by using pvc pipe and a few layers of plastic. That should allow light in for slow growth, help keep the palm dry (especially the roots) and hopefully add some protection against frost and cool weather. It will need a heat source though, our winters are very cloudy/rainy. What works best?


- US_Marine

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I know someone growing a coconut out of zone. He had it covered with plastic during winter until it got too tall. At this stage he has stones on the ground around the trunk and that's covered by plastic to keep the heat in and rain out. He's not expecting many more years out of it now. His climate is dry summers and wet winters. There's enough sun in winter to heat the stones to warm the ground. Rarely gets frost, but before each winter he agonises over the long range weather forecasts as to whether it will bring a frost. This winter (now) he's been quite happy as there's been no frost and unlikely at this stage. I'm sure, even though he denies it, that when this coconut dies he'll end up getting another one and go through the same process again. It's given him a lot of joy, and a lot of challenges, for quite a few years.

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By any chance is this guy from Perth, AU? If so I read that forum too lol Yeah his climate is like Southern Cali. Wish I had warmer winters like that.

- US_Marine

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Yes - Tyrone. I bet he'll plant another when that one goes. You can have warmer winters, if you build a big enough green house. Nature doesn't encourage easy answers. But you can still achieve a lot with determination.

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US marine-
You may not need to put it in a larger pot. What I have done in the past is take it out of the put and compress a few more inches of new soil in the bottom of the pot and just put it back in the same pot. This will give it new room for growth and keep it in a more manageable pot.

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Thats a good idea but I am not sure if that will still work. Right now its potted 2x because the rim around the original broke from being too heavy. Its pretty much stuck now and only way to get it out is to cut the container.

- US_Marine

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