So...bloom boost?

shankins123(7aOKC)August 30, 2011

Yes..I'm nuts. But, putting that aside...if the temps are supposed to moderate by next Monday (Labor Day) it the right time to be feeding our survivor tomatoes and peppers with bloom boost? I'd really like to redeem a tiny part of this crazy summer!!


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what would you have to lose ?

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LOL...isn't that the truth?!?


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Sharon, It wouldn't hurt to try it, but keep in mind that any fruit that forms in early September may not have a chance to size up and ripen before the first frost.

If the first frost is early this year, you won't get to harvest much, if anything, from the plants fed Bloom Booster now. But, if the first frost is late, you could get a lot. So, why not give it a shot? However, after giving it that dose of Bloom Booster fertilizer now, I wouldn't feed it again this fall. You will want for the fruit that form/set in early September to have the best chance of sizing up and ripening, and to encourage that you don't want for the plants to keep setting more and more fruit. What you will want is for the plant to put its energy into sizing up and ripening the early fruit that form from blooms that you get following the use of Bloom Booster. If later fruit is setting, it can interfere in the development of the early fruit that already have set.


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Good thoughts....I put it on today - we'll see what happens :~)


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