Is this a info? branch? or ?

KimberlyApril 19, 2012

As my penang peach is in the process of rooting, I noticed on the top something is forming. I'm not quiet sure what it is because I accidentally knocked it over about 2 weeks ago. I have an inflo forming on another cutting but for some reason to me, it doesn't look the other one forming unless it's due to were it fell over. Could anyone with more expertise shed some light on what it might be? Is it an inflo? branch? or something else? It's been bugging me for the past few days because I really wanna know what it is lol.

I tried to take some pictures of it. It's pink/maroonish-green colored below in the middle of the cutting.

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I would guess its in the early stages of forming an inflo.

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from the angle of the 2nd pic, i would say not an inflo.

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If not an inflo, perhaps a branch then?

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Kim, a few of mine are doing that this spring, elongating with a pointed tip, Maui Sweetheart especially.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

I would say... Inflo!

I agree that the second pic made me look twice. All of the other pics make me think inflo!

Time will tell Kim!! That is why we can't keep our eyes off of these trees. Everyday you will see something different..that is why we have so much fun growing these beauties! It also gives the neighbors something to talk about when they watch us "inspect" out trees and cuttings!! LOL..

Take care,


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The ones that live behind me probably wonder why I'm carrying sticks in pots outside LOL. My granny who is 84 thought they were cactus's. The other day, you should of her the enthusiasm in her voice when she asked if they were because she loves them.

I hope it's an inflo *crosses fingers* but if not, then perhaps next year. The reason it probably looks funny in the second pic is perhaps the result of its tumble it took two weeks ago.

And Laura, I'm always inspecting them, even taking a mini flash light and magnifying glass to get a close up. My family is always telling me, nothing's changing with 1-2 days but dang it, I can't help looking a billion times a day. lol :D

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