where to get manure or compost

hedgwytch(7)August 6, 2006

Does anybody know of anywhere fairly close by that will let you pick up compost (doesn't have to be completely ready) or manure for free? I'm getting my side yard ready ti try lasagne gardening with, but DH has said no spending! Can you use horse manure? How long before you can plant in it? This is for next spring. I'm also looking for old newspapers for pickup. If anyone on here has any of these I may have some items for trade.



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HW - where are you located?


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Tulsa area. Thanks!

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You can get coffee grounds at your local Starbucks (or office or restaurant). I think they give them out in these little cute bags, but if I called ahead, I was usually able to get a garbage bag full.

If anyone near you bags grass, that is a wonderful ingredient...just get it quick! It can smell nasty really quick in this heat. Don't spread it too thick either.

I also used wood shavings as a base for one bed, it works, but you need a lot of greens, and I did top it off with a layer of soil.

Also, this costs money, but not much. Sometimes Lowes will sell their opened bags for half price.


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barton(z6b OK)

Hedge, You can pick up wood chips free at the Tulsa Greenwaste site. If you have a pickup or trailer they will load it for you. Or you can fill bags yourself, take your own bags and fork.

To get there, go North on 169 toward Owasso, take the 56th street exit, and turn left. The place is maybe 1/4 mile on the right. They close at 4:00 each day.

I always ask for the oldest stuff they have.

It eventually breaks down. Sometimes I rake the big chunks out and use them for kindling or for paths.


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Are Lasagne gardens hot composted at first? I have read the instruction on making this kind of garden bed, but since those instructions never said to stir the layers, I figured it was a cold compost process that made the layers ready for growing plants.

Such a conclusion leds me to wonder why one would want to spread uncomposted wood chips either on paths or layered in the garden. Wouldn't doing that only encourage a termite colony to establish on the property and then go to other stuctures once they finished with the wood chips.

The reason I would be concerned about such a problem occuring is because most of the liquid or powder termite barrier products sold today do not last a long time like they used to, and with clay soils, today's products deteriorate even more quickly. Also wouldn't the wood chips distract the worker termites from any installed termite baiting systems?

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barton(z6b OK)

Katrina, I don't know about the termites. I don't bury any wood chips near the house. The ones on the top of the ground wouldn't be a problem I think. There are trees around the house, and when the land was cleared for the house there were probably roots left in the ground anyway, right under the house. Also, every time I cut a tree down for firewood the stump and roots are left in the ground. I leave standing dead trees for the woodpeckers and other cavity nesters. So even if I didn't bring any wood chips in, there is plenty of wood debris to feed a bunch of them. I guess I don't worry about it. Maybe I should?

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Anyone know where I can get manure in the Oklahoma City metro area?

Also what is the best winter ground cover crop for this area?

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There is a place just south of Catoosa on 193rd E Ave that sells composted manure. It comes from the stalls at the fairgrounds race track. It runs $30-35 a pickup load.

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barton(z6b OK)

Hey Breasley, I'm interested! Can you get more specific directions? I'm not really familiar with that area. Does the place have a name or phone number?

That's great news! Have you used it? Any problems? Weedy or pretty well composted?


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barton(z6b OK)

Bumping this up.
I tried to find the manure place today. The directions in a previous post said the place is just south of catoosa on 193 east avenue. I got off of 44 at 193 east ave, and went south to 21st street then turned around and went north clear to the port of catoosa entrance. I never saw it.
Anyone know more detail?

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I have access to ground peanut hulls mixed with a little cow manure. Anyone have words of wisdom using this material for compost and mulch?

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Sorry it's been so long since I checked this forum. The place is actually a heavy equipment or trucking type business. It's less than a mile south of I-44 on the east side of 193rd. There is a Mobile Home maybe fifty yards back off the road that is used for an office. The last time I went by there was a pile or two of product in the front drive with a few more in the back. Just pull in and a guy will come out of the MH and greet you. I've not used any but the guy said it was horse manure mixed with hay that had been removed from the stalls at the race track.

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barton(z6b OK)

Thank you!

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Go to the Fair Grounds on the last day.

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barton(z6b OK)

Do you just show up with your pitchfork and drive around to the barns? Sounds good to me!

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I am between Atoka and Durant. Anybody have any knowledge of local sources around here?
Thanks, Herb

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I always have manure to give away in the BA Coweta area. My Horses always seem to produce lots of this stuff.

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Anything near Shawnee/Okemah that anyone is aware of?

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Years ago I got a whole pickup truck load at the OKC Stockyards for $10 or $20, I can't remember but it was really cheap. They had a big compost pile out there and they loaded it in the truck, I don't know if its still there or not but might be worth checking. The guy had said "I can load up more compost for you in 5 minutes than you could make in 5 years."

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