help me with my golden cane palm!

elle27(9)July 12, 2014

I have had this palm for over a year and it has continued to decline from a full 9 ft cluster to very sparse. What am I doing wrong? I noticed recently that one of the canes rotted and cut it out. Last year I also had a gnat infestation so I've tried keeping it on theto water only when I check the soil for dryness down several inches. I also have since the infestation added an inch of sand to keep them away. I love this palm and all 30 of my other indoor tropicals and palms are doing great but am fairly new at my plant obsession for the past 5 years! I leached the salts out with a heavily diluted 10 parts water to 1 part pleach to kill infestation last year as well. I am hoping this can be fixed! Thank you!!

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Very nice looking plant.

I have some gnats in my indoor seedlings - they especially seem to come with store bought plants. In my opinion, the best cure for getting rid of pests on indoor plants, is to put them outside for a few hours. The pests will get eaten by other bugs, or they will travel outside the container.

I've killed a few plants trying to kill flies, before realizing I can put things outside. Is the bleach mix a commonly used fix for gnats? It sounds harsh.

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Sorry for the typos as I am using my phone. I meant to say I am keeping it on the 'water only when dry several inches down' cycle. I used the bleach because my friend that is a horticulture fanatic said the highly deluted bleach flush could help with the fungus gnats. Does this look like a possible vitamin deficiency on the leaves or under watering?


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From the photo it looks like poor drainage, or too much salt build up. I would have thought bleach a bit harsh too.

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I believe so tropicbreezent. Do you think this is the effects of the bleach from over 6 month ago? I had a hose draining through it for a half hour to rinse it out well and to drowned those gnats. Poor plant. What can I do now? All ideas are welcome!!!

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This species does poorly as a house plant in general... needs a LOT of light and fresh water, and much higher humidity than most homes have... try to keep it outdoors in spring, summer and fall, just having it indoors in winter, and you might find some new healthy leaves coming in (can't do anything to change the damaged leaves). Also suspect salt build up in soil (extremely common problem with all sorts of indoor plants). Take outside and water it for a five full minutes to try to leach out the salts. Do NOT fertilize it, unless mid summer outdoors and using somewhat diluted liquid based fertilizer

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Thank you Izrddr!! I just did that and hope it will make a full recovery and that it will enjoy it's new spot on our private east-facing covered patio.

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