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rox146April 8, 2013

I was wondering. I have 2 different plumeria trees next to each other where 1 of the branches from each is touching the other tree...I was thinking of trying a "sideways" graft so to speak and see what becomes of the blooms at the ends of these 2 trees where the splice was made? Any comments or thoughts of success rate? This is the time of year, right? I was going to make a curvy cut on each sside of the 2 so they could "melt" together. They are not rare collectibles, they are common 1 white and 1 yellow that I got before I knew they even had names....roxanne

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My assumption but if you splice two together and it takes hold each tip will continue to grow based on its own genetic code. I think you just might end up with a big graft scar. However, I am not speaking from any grafter experience and would encourage experimenting. I guess the good news would be that you know it will either be white, yellow or nothing. If you choose to do it good luck and post pictures.

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thanks kms2. I like to experiment and thought of doing this before I prune their limbs harder. Wonder if the blooms would be varied like mottled yellow and white then...? roxanne

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Rox, I don't think they would be a combination. Each branch would have its own code and would bloom the color of its original parent. I have seen multi grafts onto the same plant to give it different blooms at plant shows. I'm not a fan but it might be very unique to someone else.

I am in full agreement on experimenting and new ideas/techniques. How can we possibly expect that all is known or understood about growing Plumerias in the ground or in containers? There is always more to know.

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