June Bugs...Aargh!!!

petpalikali(WI-Z4)June 4, 2014

I am crazy scared of June bugs, and we seem to have a bumper crop this year. Is there anything to do to make them go away and kill off any eggs, or however they make more June bugs?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Why are you scared?

Although they're rather klutzy and even noisy while in the air, they don't attack, maim, or even bite people or pets.

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There is little you can do about the adult June Beetles out there now and since they are around only about 30 days there is no need to do anything. Some sources suggest using Milky Spore Disease, Bacillus popilleae, a disease that infects Scarab beetle grubs although some sources also suggest the MSD is only effective against one specific member of the Scarab Beetle family. If used MSD should be spread around in late June to early July to be in the soil when the larva hatch and are small enough to be harmed by those spores.

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Seriously Jean, did ya not get the crazy in my question? Thanks Kimmsr for the larvae info. And as far as the now part of the June Bug problem...I've moved the light further from the back door and the dog is eating as many as she can catch or dig up!

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The dog is eating them! That's fantastic. They are everywhere here in South Carolina...my son picks them off and feeds them by the handful to the chickens. It's candy to them and apparently to dogs too!

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Hey -- crunchy protein! Next best thing to bacon !

ummmm .... bacon ! ...

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