Hello there celadine!

KimberlyApril 30, 2013

Hello plumy pals!

Celadine has decided to bless me with its beautiful flowers! This is my first blooms for 2013. All the ones that is open formed inside under lights so since today was nice and sunny I thought I would sit it outside for some heat and possibly make the future buds/blooms bigger. It smells sorta fruity / citrusy to me


In other inflo news, I will be looking forward to 2 inflos from Sally Moragne an 1 from Keiki, which I am curious to see as I am not too familiar with this flower. I've seen pictures as where it suppose to be lavender an other pictures where its a very intense pink. So we will see.

Oh an my Vera Cruz Rose that I got from Michelle rooted within 1 month on a heat mat in a water bottle.

My Kaleinani is also showing a couple roots too. :)

But sad news is, Bill Moragne decided to bite the dust. I noticed wrinkles at the bottom, plus it looked like it was caving in so I decided to cut it to let it callus again. Went to check on the cutting an it was gone. :/

Anyways, Have a good day everyone!

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Beautiful!!!! Celadine is a classic for a reason!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I just rooted one this winter. I hope it blooms this year. thanks for sharing the photos.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Kim!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love Celadine.. SHe looks beautiful in the Indiana Blue Sky!!!! ;-)

I agree with Pharaoh.. SHe is a classic and everyone should own a Celladine.

The inflo is huge!!! Way to go!!!!!

Hi MIke.. good luck with yours this summer!!! I'm sure it will do well for you!

Thanks Kim for the beautiful pic and the inflo update!!!

I have a few on my list and i need to get busy taking some pics of my trees.. The large ones on my deck still look "naked" and the one gallon trees that i had around lights and put in the greenhouse are doing great!!!

Makes me excited to see what everyone will have this year..

Sounds like it will be a great year for alot of our friends!!!

Take care,


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


I love Celadine! Congrats! We needed a burst of yellow to brighten our days.

I've found that the plumies I've grown under lights with open flowers smell better outside than inside so hopefully now that yours is outside more it will smell stronger. :)

I think I've got an inflo on mine so I'm very exicted.


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Kim, those are GORGEOUS!!! I love Celadine and what a great looking inflo you have! I think the fragrance is my favorite, the tried and true original.

So sorry to hear about your Bill Moragne - do you have any idea what his downfall was? It seems like cuttings are very hard to re-cut and callus once they start to rot for some reason.

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Gorgeous, Kim! Looks fabulous outside in the sun. Hope this cold front doesn't hit you guys too hard.

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Lovely! Those flowers are flawless!

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Nice work. I hope its just the first one. Looks like it was a beautiful day to soak up some sun. Some may thing Celadine is the plain vanilla of Plumerias but they are very good growers and bloom routinely. Sometimes I can get two inflo cycles on the same tips in one season.

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Yes, I too have several Celadines that keep blooming off the same inflow from the season before and yet send up new inflos as well....great ....roxanne

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Celadine is the reason I fell in love with Plumies :)

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sagolover(10a SoCal)

Me too, like Pharaoh4. Love Celadine and still waiting for one. ;)

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Beautiful blooms! I just a Celadine a couple of months ago. I have no clue why I never picked one up. This year I am going to try to stick to hardier varieties and stay away from the more exotic, fussier ones,

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Thanks Laura! It smells really great. I have maybe almost 8+ blooms opened now. And my Sally Moragne buds are getting some reddish color to them so hopefully I will see the true colors when it opens.

Robert - I have to agree. I think the scent is stronger outside. I was sitting at the patio table an I guess a little breeze swept by an I caught a wiff of it. Yummy! :)

Emily - I'm not quiet sure what happened to BM. During the winter I noticed it was getting a old looking texture, possibly a scabby looking fungus covering it. Someone on Plumeria Addicts suggested I spray / wipe it with water with a hint of bleach which I did. It seem to solve the problem so I repotted it in another pot an it was doing alright for a while then one day I noticed it starting to get wrinkles at the base plus it looked like it was sinking / caving in which worried me. I took a tooth pick to see if there was any sap which there was so I left it be. A few days later I noticed it more so I thought I would just cut it an re-root it again b/c it seemed fairly easy to root to begin with. I left the cutting in my box filled with perlite in the utility room like I did my others. Checked on it a few days later an it was gone. :/

Jandey - I don't think we are suppose to have a cold front, checked the 10 day forecast, all nights suppose to be in the high to low 50s. :)

kms2 - Two inflos from 1 cycle? How brilliantly exciting!

Thanks everyone!

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Beautiful, and downright cheerful! Perfect for spring, congratulatins, (though I'm sorry about your Bill Moragne). I just had something similar happen to an Oahu Star cutting I was really looking forward to. I cut well above the softened middle of the cutting, and dipped the cut end into rooting powder with fungicide, and laid the considerably shortened (6") cutting near my kitchen sink to callus. Will try rooting it in about a week, or so. I hope you can find or trade for another Bill Moragne cutting?

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Desamecrya. I did the same thing, it was such a bummer. I probably won't get another one because I have placed a deposit down on a puppy that I should be getting sometime in late June. My corgi of almost 7 years passed suddenly in early April so it was very unexpected because she was fine all the days up until that morning. So I won't have time to fool with any new plants. Maybe next year, who knows! :)

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Thought I'd share some updated photos of celadine, keiki's inflo, and my supposedly sally moragne.

Keiki inflo

Sally Moragne - I am not sure if this really what it is. It is what i ordered but there is no pink on the front except for a prominent stripe on the back. The temperatures have been in the low 80s to high 80s lately so I thought there would be more pink on it other than the stripes. It has a nice sweet perfume fragrance. The biggest bloom is 3 1/2 - 4 inches. If not a Sally Moragne, any ideas what it is?

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