Fermenting for Bon

AmyinOwasso/zone 6bAugust 8, 2014

I put 4 quarts of fermented dills in the fridge today. They aren't bad. DH said they taste like the ones in the pickle barrel at the deli of his childhood. I'm not a big pickle person, but they weren't as salty as I expected, nor as dilly or as garlicy as I expected. Maybe that will develop over time. They also weren't very sour. But I have no idea how sour they should be. This was a short ferment, 5-7 days. I think mine went 5 days.

This is the recipe I used.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alton Brown fermented pickles

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Nice! My son enjoys Alton brown. Maybe I should have him make them following Alton's instructions. Hmm... a chemistry project. COOL

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Someone commented under the recipe and I'm assuming experience is involved when he wrote that brine pickles is a hit and miss based on multiple factors. His and others suggestion was to try again if we're disappointed. Sounds reasonable.

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We do a decent amount of salt brine fermenting here. Big crocs and we do the kosher dill style and have never had an issue. Once they are close to the way we like them, we sterilize some jars and then put the pickles on those at about 1/2 brine and 1/2 reverse osmosis water and store them in a small fridge for months on end.

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