Squash vine borer - anything to do to rid them from plants?

kygirl99June 24, 2014

one of my four zucchini plants has been attacked by squash vine borers. Is there anything I can do? I pulled that plant, with it's rotting stems, out of the ground. But I'm afraid my other plants will be affected. What can I do?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I've been very happy using a kaolin clay product called 'Surround'. I use it for more than just the SVB, but when sprayed on the stems, it does a great job of deterring those pests.

It doesn't kill the moth or any of the other critters, but really prevents them from doing their damage or laying eggs.

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Hi, I'm on my 2nd round of pumpkin plants for the year because I lost all of the first round to vine borers - I feel your pain!! Someone gave me some great advice on here on another thread to cover the young plants with tulle. It lets the light and water through but the bugs can't get to it. They said to bunch up the tulle so the plant had room to grow and to remove it later when it is flowering so bees can pollinate. Another gardener suggested using tuille but burying the edges a little so pests can't climb under. So far, it's working great!

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one gardner suggested wrapping tin foil around plant stem like for a cutworm....another said to plant a few radishes close to plant...i know for a fact dish soap spray kill squash bugs...might try spraying stem and soil around stem with soap for vine borer...i wait and plant late to miss bug outbreak in june...the indian

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yolos - z 7b/8a Ga.

I use tulle on my squash bed. Where I live (south of Atlanta, Ga) if you do not cover your squash and zucchini you will definitely get squash vine borers. I just lift the sides every morning and pollinate the squash before I go to work.

I have pumpkin plants that are too big to cover. Everyone of them has squash vine borers. I bought some syringes and BT and am going to try to operate on them to see if I can keep them alive. Never tried it but I have read about it so we shall see.

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Hi Yolos, I too live down south (outside new orleans) and I too have a pumpkin plant getting too big for its tulle. I'm worried the dang borers will find it now. I'm going to try Rhizo's advice to prevent but in case it doesn't work, will you update on here how the BT goes?
I would appreciate it so much. I watched a youtube video of someone injecting it in pumpkin vines but I'd love to know if it works!!

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The Bacillus thuringiensis is a bacterium and you need to get the right strain for it to work, and then you need to get it into the plants stem where the borer is ahead of the borer, and before the borer is too big for the BtK to work.
If the vines do have borers in them there is no reason to rip out the affected plants, just squish the stem where the borer is and bury that stem which will root.
Surround, a Kaolin clay product, is sprayed on the plant and disguises the plant so the moths do not recognize them and the stay away.

Here is a link that might be useful: Squash Vine Borer Control

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