Plumeria Cutting Salvageable?

unejamApril 30, 2013

Hello, All. I've tried several times over the years to grow plumeria from a cutting. Last December, I got another cutting during my trip to Hawaii. I kept it in my garage in the original plastic thinking that would do. I just went to get it and it looks like the top has rot. It's soft but the bottom 2 inches is hard. I put it in my pot with wet soil and will not water again until I see leaves, assuming it gets that far.

Will this cutting grow or is it toast?

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If it was truly rot, then you will need to cut that portion off and leave the healthy part. You can try to root the bottom. If you are successful, then new branches will form just below the cut.

If it was just dehydration from being left so long, you can re-cut the bottom and sit the cutting in a glass of water. Within 48 hours you should see some improvement. When it is completely plump again, dip the bottom in rooting hormone and let it callous for about a week. Plant and wait.

If you have a picture, it will help.

Good luck :)

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