Early July 2012 Pics of My Yard

tropicalzone7(7b)July 7, 2012

Its been a warm week so some plants have really been sent into growth mode! Right now it's 101.4F outside and the dew point has been in the 70s all day long. June did start out cool though and here's the data.

The month started off below average, but ended with 2 pretty big heat waves, one of which we are still in.

Precipitation was above avearge thanks to a few rainy days early in the month.

I got my Davis Vantage Vue last June so I now have an entire year's worth of data. Here's how the last year has been in my yard. Summer 2011 was warm and above average. October was the only cold month in the Fall with a lowest temperature well below normal. Spring 2012 averaged near to slightly below average which was a change from the past few months before that and June averaged right around average after being nearly 10F below average for the first half of the month.

Now here are some pics of the plants taken yesterday. Some (especially the bananas)have grown noticeably just in the last 24 hours!


When you cut a tree down you can get an idea of how good or bad the seasons were by the size of the rings on the stump. Well with my unprotected trachy, you can tell how bad a winter was by looking at the 1st frond to open up each spring. I was surprised to see it damaged this past winter since we did have a mild one, but young trachys arent as cold tolerant as adult trachys so I'll forgive it. Here's a look at the rainbow-like damage from this past winter and then the damage from the winter before.

I tried out some Carl Pools palm fertlizer for the first time on most of my palms today. I hope the results are noticable. Most of the palms got about 1/2 to 1 cup of it.

The adondila is doing well. I had to cut a low hanging frond off because it was giving my coconut palms too much shade

My trachy and livistona are growing well. I think the trachy is growing it's 3rd frond now. Hopefully the Carl Pool's palm fertlizer will speed it up even more! My goal is for it to reach flowering age by Summer 2014.

The livistonia has completely recovered from the winter damage it had. It started growing in late March so it only took 3 months to look as nice (maybe nicer) than the hardier palms in the ground. And the purple hearts that survived the winter are bigger than last year already and bigger than the ones I got from the store this spring.

All the pool plants are growing fast in the heat. The banana opened up the newest leaf in the last 24 hours!

The cannas not only survived the winter, but are blooming right on time. Usually I get my first blooms around 4th of July, these started opening up at the end of June.

I love the way airplants change color when they are about to bloom. The red coloring on this tillandsia can be seen across the yard and the blooms are small but make for a nice pic!

Another angle of the pool plants. The Butterfly ginger should definitely be blooming earlier this year (they didnt bloom until early November last year, but at least they bloomed!)

Moon vine germinated about 6-7 weeks ago (Planted the seeds in mid May) and they are already about 5 feet tall not including the pot. The growth rate is incredible on these vines and it should cover the gazeboo in blooms in by August! I was worried that having to keep it in a pot would slow it down, but I dont think it has.

Geraniums taking the heat well with lots of waterings.

This is what you see when you walk outside. The yard is definitely filling out nicely and I cant wait to see it a month from now since some plants definitely have some more growing to do!

Spindle palm looking the same

Im just happy the potted geraniums stayed alive, but blooms are even better!

Good thing I like figs, looks like a lot of them this year and its only its second summer so its far from mature.

I never can remember the name of this plant. I think it's a kanchloe and I know I spelled that one wrong.

Zuni Crape Myrtle getting ready to bloom and Kopper King Hibiscus very close to blooming also.

Annuals doing well

A little disappointed that my Ensete hasnt grown noticably taller yet, but it looks good and that's all that matters right now.

Sprial ginger growing fast and making a pup. It should have 5 pups at least by fall.

I love gardenias and Im happy that frostproof gardenias do well in my area, at least so far. It has about 9 blooms currently opened and lots of buds too. Cant wait until it's a little bigger and makes 100s of blooms!

Gave the Med fan palm some Carl Pool Fertlizer so Im hoping that will speed up the growth a little, but it's been a pretty good grower and a very hardy plant so no complants. The oleander show's no signs of stopping it's blooms!

I thought the ensete might outgrow the saba, but now it looks like the Saba will be much taller than the Ensete. In heat like this, its a fast grower!

Musa Saba and some ginger

Ribbon Palm recovering from a rough winter indoors and elephant ear growing fast!

My Dicksonia antarctica was burned bad last october and I didnt think it would make it, but it's recovering. The fronds are smaller now, but I hope it gets back to its previous size by next year.

Schefflera is outgrowing it's spot (Im amazed at how much it has grown in 1 year since it was only about 1 1/2 feet tall when I got it last spring!). The Philodendron xandu is growing more wide than high.

The Madagascar palm took its time flushing this spring since it was hit by a light frost. Now it's doing well and I think it will have a lot of growth this year.

I planted my agave americana in the ground, I dont think its a great match for that spot so I may have to relocate it next year.

Table plants. We got these from someone and I didnt realize the orchid wasnt real until I touched the blooms. I dont promote the use of fake plants so it's not outside anymore! The basket of plants is real though so that is still outside.

This area filled out really nicely, I think it looks nicer than previous years and it's only July!

My confederate Jasmine bloomed like crazy indoors but it decided it also wanted to bloom again so it's blooming outdoors now,, about 2 months later than last year!

I still havent got this area the way I want it, but it's looking better than it did.

Now what should I do with my papaya. It grew really well last summer outdoors growing from 1 foot tall to over 6 feet in a single growing season. I dug it up out of the ground in the fall (destroying most of the roots) and brought it inside where it struggled but surprisingly grew. When I lifted it outside the pot was lighter than I expected so the trunk hit the wall and broke in half. I thought it was really a gonner this time, but it decided to grow back! Now it has 3 branches so Im trying to decide if I should keep all 3 or get rid of all but 1. Any advice?

And my favorite vine, my passiflora. Its a heavy bloomer and requires no care and best of all, survives the winter!

Thanks for looking!


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beautiful as usual! You have a natural eye for container gardening! Do you have a greenhouse?

    Bookmark   July 7, 2012 at 5:00PM
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Thanks Mastiffhoo! Nope, no greenhouse, it all goes indoors by windows and the things that can go dormant do which help save on some room.

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Awesome job! Looking really tropical. No way I would try and remember all the names to your plants! If you ever get it how you want it you'll have to buy grow lights for inside. My power bill was getting too high so everything is going in ground now.

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Thanks Chadec! So far I haven't forgotten a name yet of any of the plants I bring indoors, once that happens I know I have way too many plants! I dont think I would ever be able to have grow lights inside. Way too much electricity and the installation isnt too cheap either! I just let the plants do their thing and hope for the best. Usually a few have to be replaced, but I dont think any of them died this past winter indoors which probably has a lot to do with the fact that there were lots of mild days where I could bring them outside and give them a good soaking.

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Beautiful as always.

It was a disgusting 101 here today, with other areas near us on the DelMarVa as high as 107 actual temperature. Looks like it was much cooler in NYC area today.

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Thanks wetsuiter! It got to 102.1F in my yard today, actually today was the hottest day in my yard in 2012 so far! The good news is we got some clouds that came in later in the afternoon and lowered the temperature to the mid 90s. Right now it 83F, but this should be the last of the triple digit temperatures for a while at least.

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There's certainly a lot of work in all that. But it's paid off and looking great. Just a comment on the names, the photo above the fig is labelled geranium but should be gardenia. It's difficult when you have so many photos to keep the text lined up with them.

    Bookmark   July 8, 2012 at 12:35AM
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How long have you had the Manila Palm? And how do you take care of it during winter? It is a really nice specimen!

    Bookmark   July 8, 2012 at 12:57AM
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Thanks tropicalbreezent I appreciate the compliment! And thanks for the correction. I took a break between that sentence so half the sentence talks about one plant and the other half talks about another, haha.
Thanks Panamajack. I just got the manila palm this spring because I saw it for only something like $130 dollars. I hope I can manage to keep it alive indoors, but I have a place for it with a high ceiling and a good amount of light. And I'll be spraying with neem oil regularly starting 1 month before it goes inside since I know spider mites will be a huge issue with this palm.
Thanks for looking everyone!

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Everything looks great, some of your palms would be too tall for my house. That said, I am moving into a condo. I wont have a yard per se but I will have a big deck that gets plenty of sun, and the ceilings are about 20 feet and there are a couple of windows in the ceiling, I'll get more sunlight in the winther than I ever have. Keep up the good work. The heat finally broke here Saturday night. We hit 100 Saturday with a dew point in the low 70s. Yesterday we topped out at 85 and the dew point was 58. it felt like a different planet. Dropped into the low 60s last night.

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Thanks andy! Good luck with your move! The high ceilings will be a big plus and you might have even more planting opportunities because of that even if you dont have any actual soil in the ground in your new place.
Today was the first "cool" day here. So far we only got up to 84F today, average is 86F-87F (depending on the website), and the dew points are only in the 60s today so its a lot more comfortable outside! Low temperature last night was 75F, but looks like low 70s, even a few upper 60s for night temperatures this week. Lots more clouds too, but still a few 90F days in the forecast here and there. Hopefully no more 100s though, thats a little too much heat!

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we're supposed to back into the low 90s by the end of the week but i believe it will be more like it was a couple of weeks ago, high heat, low humidity and low dew points, I'll be back to having to water every day. a comfortable 83 right now

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Beautiful collection tropicalzone7! :) Man, passion flowers are very pretty but they attract too many bumble bees! lol

- US_Marine

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Looks like a lot of rain my way Andy so hopefully I'll get to take a break from watering for a little while!

Thanks usmarine! I dont have a lot of bees in my yard, but I do have a ton of wasps (they dont seem to like flowers as much as the foliage plants) so the passion vines are usually left alone from the insects. Hopefully it stays that way since it's growing on a fence right by the pool. This is a pic of it today, I changed the brightness a little to make it have a sharper look...


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Looks good Alex!!!!


"My" Saba is moving now!!

Click for weather forecast

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Looks great. I think you should keep all 3 trunks on the papaya.

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Thanks Jim! The Saba's really love this heat. Should be interesting to see a comparison pic later on this month of my saba. I usually dont like the way my banana plant's look until about august!
Thanks Dennis! I think I'm going to keep the 3 trunks for a few more weeks and see if it grows well together or not. If one get's in the way of the other then I'll just take out the weaker ones. Next year I might plant it in the ground again if it makes a full recovery by then.

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O.k. O.k. (-;

They are amazing when they start to perk up-

I think next year I will over winter it in the ground as
(if it lives)it will be to big of a beast to carry downstairs..

    Bookmark   July 11, 2012 at 11:35AM
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I might winter it in the ground also (with protection)! Maybe by the end of next year or whenever its too big. It was pretty heavy last year and that was it's first full summer so it should be a lot heavier this year and next year it might be too heavy (if not then definitely the year after!). Mine has 3 pups already so by then they should be big enough to save a few in case the mother doesnt survive the winter.

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Awesome Pictures you have a lovely yard.

    Bookmark   July 11, 2012 at 5:58PM
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Thanks kelly!

    Bookmark   July 12, 2012 at 1:35AM
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