Spittle bug

donna_16(6A-6B)June 7, 2011

Does anyone know of an organic way to get rid of them besides a hard stream of water? Any kind of organic spray solutions? They have attacked my strawberry patch and looks like there are a few on my mint herb:( TIA!

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A sharp stream of water simply washes the spit off the plant and leaves the larva in place, most often, to make more spit. However that is still the best method of control even thoguh you will need to repeat the spray every day or two, just try hard to knock the wee bugger off the plant.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

A large population of spittlebugs can be easily controlled with insecticidal soap applications, which really aren't necessary unless you have a whole bunch of them.

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I don't use any oils or pesticides for insect control as I grow organically. google Arbico. they specialize in beneficial insects. I ordered three praying manti egg cases. one for my yard and for my neighbors on both sides. one egg case hatches abou two hundred manti. They devour every insect you hate. and once they live out their life cycle they lay their own egg cases. so now I have an ongoing population of manti. I live an hour north of death Valley so its a desrt hot blazing summers freezing winters if my manti can stay alive year after year your area will support them as well. also consider Ladybugs these are literalyy the toughest bug in the pack they eat every single pest bug you can imagine problem is when they eat everything they move on to find more food. I even take my baby manti indoors to work over my bonsai and houseplants I leave a couple of windows open all the time for my cats to get in and out. so manti have an escape, or entrance if they choose. I grow vegetables, tobacco, fruit, housplants and bonsai. this was a permanent and inexpensive solution to my bug problem. Good Luck!!!!

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