Please identify Scary Bug

okieveganAugust 11, 2012

While quenching the thirst of a few delicate plants out back, I noticed some movement in a plant. This movement was worthy of WILDLIFE, not a mere nasty blister beetle. It took a while to get Scary Bug out of the plant and safely under the glass, but I bravely managed it.

Now, I need to know if Scary Bug is just a friend that will eventually look cute once I get to know him or if he was sent by a superior alien race to decimate my garden in some sadistic otherworldly psych experiment intended to see how an Okie reacts to Garden Saved by Drought but Devoured by Creature from Other Planet.

My mommy will post a pic shortly. I can't get pics from my iPad to appear on these forums.

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Here's the picture:

For the likes of me, I can't think of it. Sort of looks like a twig girdler?


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I also need to know what the chances are that this bug has friends, or worse yet, a family complete with distant cousins. *gasp* and if so, will they be hosting a reunion?!?!

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Is it black and white? It looks like a cottonwood borer to me. Pretty bug, but it was bad for my willow trees when I had them.

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Here's a different view of it:

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After looking up cottonwood borer, I released it. I have no cottonwood or willow trees, and there was no mention of it eating herbs, flowers, or small overly fluffy little white dogs.

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