the bermuda high is back, finally

meyermike_1micha(5)July 6, 2010

Remember the past few summers that lacked the heat our summers use to be known for up here, especially last year in the North East??

Well, we finally have our Bermuda high back for a nice hot July thus far. In fact, a nice warm sunny spring to this day..I LOVE IT and so do my palms trees! The ridge is in the East, while the cold is in the west..

Who was it that said this summer was looking better than previous..Thank you for hitting it on the nose!

Enjoy your summer everyone..I just wish the thunderstorms were a frequent as times past now..


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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Yes, ever since March our weather has been above normal with some really nice days. We had a few days in the 70s in March and some upper 70s and 80 in March. April had 1-2 days hit 90. So yes, we have had good palm growing weather, but its the lack of rain that is my concern. Most Palms like water!

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Currently standing at 104 F and the heat index is 116 F. in the shade. Yes, last year su?%ed and was cold but so far down here this growing season too has been a gardener's nightmare (even for us palm and citrus growers!). We've been warm to hot and DRY since early APRIL. Good weather for the cactus though--my Cereus are in bloom.--WE NEED RAIN!!

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Hot and wet here

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Where is "here" 10a?

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NoVaPlantGuy_Z7b_8a(Alexandria, VA 7B/8A)

Hot, humid, but DRY here. (no rain) We hit 103 today in the shade. Generally around the DC Metro area ranged from 101-106F actual temp. HOT!!!! Ill take it over the bitter cold and blizzards any day! =o)

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"Ill take it over the bitter cold and blizzards any day!"

I won't be happy until I have something in-between.:)

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Remember this thread?

Probably not, page 15 under the title "OK weather guys"
by wsg89

* Posted by jimhardy Iowa 5b (My Page) on
Wed, Feb 24, 10 at 14:40

I would also like to predict a warmer than avg summer although I have NOTHING to base this on,
except that mother nature really shouldn't be that easy to predict,so I will say she surprises us!

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Its definitely more than back. Its never been this hot here!! Triple digits are rare enough but temperatures around 105F are record breaking. It does look like the summer will be warm and Im hoping it is but some more rain and humidity would be nice. I dont want to wish for destructive hurricanes but a modest tropical storm could bring some needed moisture to the mid-atlantic states. The weather is very unpredictable. I wouldnt have guessed a week ago when we had below average temperatures that we would have record breaking temperatures now. I checked the models and they trended toward average temperatures and so did the forecast until one day when they suddenly predicted a warming trend.
Good luck!

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NoVaPlantGuy_Z7b_8a(Alexandria, VA 7B/8A)

All 3 major airports in the Washington Baltimore metro areas busted 102 or better today. 102 at Dulles, 102 at Washington National, and 105 at Baltimore. Today ranks within the top 10 all time hottest days ever in Washington DC in terms of the official records.

Dulles is 25 miles or so NW of Washington, well out of the city. National airport sticks out into the Potomac River, which cools it in summer. Go 1/2 mile away from the river, and the temps are warmer in summer, sometimes by 3-5 degrees F. Most PWS' (Personal Weather Stations) around the DC area topped out around 104 - 105. Mine hit 104.8 for the high, and it is in the shade.

The mid Atlantic is in for another doozie tomrrow with temps of 101-105, and heat index's running in the 110 range. Finally a cool down for Thursday and Friday to the mid and upper 90s, then upper 80s to low 90s on Sat/ Sun. Back to the mid 90s early next week, then were hearing ANOTHER heat wave, which could last longer, and be several degrees HOTTER than this current one. The all time record high for Washington DC was 106°F / 41°C, July 20, 1930. That record COULD be in danger of falling next week.

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We are stuck in the tropical feed whilst yuz'all are baking.

We have actually been lucky here and missed most of the heavy rain but we do have all your rain,it's stuck here.

It will be interesting to see what happens this fall and winter.
I think mother nature is going to be bi-polar big time this winter.

This summer is strange,you get the feeling it could switch back to the last few years cool weather but in the mean time the warmth/heat seep north.

We only had about an hour or two of sun today and it hit 91

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NYC and environs must be setting new records for high overnight lows (though they haven't focused on that too much)--Curiously, hot overnights are supposed to be especially dangerous for health as the body has no chance to recover form the day heating. Currently 83 F. (I'm in a nearby a NYC suburb). Newark is 85 and Manhattan takes first prize at 86 (that was a 6:00 AM). I've spent a lot of time in Miami, Homestead, and the Keys in July and August. This heat is really worse. Why? No trade winds or any breezes, no cooling TS's at all (in Miami it storms regularly enough to keep the temps down). The other thing about Metropolitan areas is all that concrete, all those cars, people, and pollution. Finally northern homes, buildings, and cars are not designed for extreme heat--they're normally designed around winter cold. Heading for near 100 today (yesterday was 103 but drier) and the extended 7 day forecast has temps in the low to mid 90's into the foreseeable future. We have NOT be hearing nearly enough warnings for drought. People are generally very cooperative when you issue water alerts and reduce consumption. This situation didn't develop overnight--WET, WET WINTER--then April came and it turned very arid.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

You guys back east must be stealing all our hot summer weather from California! Boo! :( :P

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Yeah the overnight low temperatures here have been extremely high, probably the highest in the country. I think NYC wins for the warmest overnight lows lately. It got to 86F as a LOW temperature. I wouldnt be surprised if thats a record and if that was the warmest overnight temperature in the entire country for the day (and I am including Hawaii and the florida keys in that assupmtion!)

Musaboru, I looked at the forecast for parts of California and Im pretty amazed at the cold temperatures. Are you wearing coats there? I checked San Diego and EVERY day in the forecast had daytime temperatures only in the 60s (all the low temperatures here in NYC are ABOVE 70F in the 10 day forecast). When the east coast is hot, the west coast is cold lately! I guess thats just the way the jet stream is currently placed and Im sure when we cool down you will all warm up.

Its already noticeably cooler over here at 9:00pm with a current temperature of 80F. The dew point is at 71F so it is finally humid again. Tommorrow calls for sunny skies, more humidity, and a much more typical 87F high temperature.

Stay cool. The extreme heat is almost gone for now in most of the east!

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NoVaPlantGuy_Z7b_8a(Alexandria, VA 7B/8A)

We set a RECORD last night for a HIGH overnight low of 80 at National Airport, and that was a cool spot. Most places stayed around 85. Record highs were broken again at all 3 airports today. 101 at Dulles and BWI, (Baltimore) and 102 at National. I recorded a high of 104.9 in the shade. Temps ranged once again from 101-106. Third day of 100+ temps. Tomorrow were supposed to cool off to 94-98 for the highs.

Its currently 90F at 20 till midnight. The lows are usually recorded around 4-6am. HOT!!!

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