biggestdavMarch 19, 2011

I just discovered that all my seeds that I planted have turned black and gone mouldy i suppose thats what happens when you use 3 year old seeds that have been stored in a draw :(

Is there any point starting again with fresh seeds or is it too late now and best just going to the garden center in a few weeks to buy an established plant when they become available?



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I don't know what zone you are in, but there should be plenty of time to sprout some more if you stick to annuums. Buy plants to replace any chinenses. And use less water next time. I have successfully sprouted 6 and 8 year old seeds.

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kosherbaker(LA CA-10)

Hi Dave.

I too am a noob, although I agree with midwestchilehead, three years old for the seeds is not that old. At least in my limited experience. If you can give some more details I think the gurus here will be able to help more. Like what kind of plant are you sprouting. What is your sprouting method, etc etc


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What midwestchilehead said. This year I've sprouted some Chimayo and Purple Serrano from seeds I received from fiedlermeister four years ago. Actually, I also sprouted seeds from a seed co. I got in 2003.

If your seed is rotting it's either too much moisture or really old bad seed to begin with.

If you're below zone 5 or 6, then you should be able to start now and get a harvest from most non-chinense varieties.



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Also, it would be helpful to know, as Rudy asked, "what is your sprouting method"?

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i agree that three years is not that old for seeds. if you stil want to use what you have, maybe try soaking the seeds in some vinegar with a little bit of water, then air dry.. that should help kill any fungus and bad bacteria.
Goodluck, -E

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