Japanese Maple cracking/dying

c1nicolei(7)August 1, 2012

The heat in Ok last year combined with drought caused deep cracks in about 1/3 of my Japanese maple branches. It appeared to bounce back this spring, then about a month ago the leaves on those brances are now dying. Should I Cut back these branches to the non-damaged areas, paint them or just take my chances and monitor? This tree is about 8 years old and on the NE side of my home in a nice shady area that gets full mid day sun for a couple of hours. Thanks for advise.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

My answer to this kind of hinges on what the leaves are doing. Do they turn brown, appear to die and then fall off the limbs? Or, do they turn brown, appear to die but stay on the limbs? The answer is very important when it comes to understanding what is happening.

Also, do you remember when you noticed the cracking on the limbs? When it was very dry and hot or after rain began falling again? How deep are the cracks?


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