Favorite Sabal?

subtropixJuly 22, 2014

Which is you very favorite species of Sabal? I have grown quite a few...mild obsession with the genus. My conclusion, I like these the best...at least in NJ!

Sabal bermudana; robust, cold-hardy, fast-growing, and love the bluish leaves

Sabal Louisiana; cold-hardy, and fast.
Sabal texana; relatively fast and hardy

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Straight up Palmetto. Official tree of Fl and SC, and a iconic image of the southeast.

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I have a Sabal palmetto. Don't they grow?! Mine has done virtually nothing for years now. Big disappointment, much better results with nearly any other species...mexicana , Mauritiiformis, bermudana, even minor 'Louisuana'!. If this one does not do something fast, it is gonna be composted.

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Without question, my favorite Sabal would be the bluest form of S. uresana someone could find.

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I only have Sabal minor, several of them. I guess you could say they're my favourite Sabals.

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I agree with the S. uresana. It's very slow from seed - but is very cold hardy. I didn't even get a lot of leaf damage to mine after it got down to 10* twice this winter.

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I like sabal minors since I think they make awesome understory palms even in tropical climates since most true minors stay pretty small.
I also really like â¦
Sabal mauritiiformis - since it looks so nice and tropical

Sabal Palmetto 'Lisa' - because to looks really unusual and tropical with the benefits of having the same or similar cold tolerance to palmettos!

Sabal Uresena - because of it's blue fronds

Sabal causiarum - Because of it's nice and trunk.

and there are probably a lot of other nice species that I really like. Hard to pick a favorite for me because there is so much variation among species!


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Agree, very hard to pick 1 but my top 5 I personally have seen would be
Sabal Riverside

Sabal Blackburniana

Sabal Pumos

Sabal Mauritiiformis

Sabal Uresana

Now my top 5 am growing;

Sabal Blackburniana

Sabal Pumos

Sabal Uresana

Sabal Mexicana

Sabal Palmetto

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They may be the most common, but Sabal Palmetto & Minor are my 2 favorites. I love how both look in their natural habitat.

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