what's wrong with my plants

Brian99July 18, 2014

hello their

I purchased these 3 canary date palm trees, but they are starting to go a yellow/brown colour, are my plants dying,iam using miracle grow fertilizer, the plants were bought about 3 weeks ago, as soon as I repotted them they began to turn this colour within about a week.



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same as above

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What is the soil like? Does the soil feel dry or moist (especially beneath the surface)? What are your watering practices? Should be a rich, well drained soil. Looks also like it needs a bigger container, as they are vigorous growers when happy. Palms like deep pots btw, and remember, this species wants to be a large TREE. They are rather easy palms but not so great for a house for a variety of reasons (too massive, thorny, and resentful of excessive indoor heat in Winter). Also, stop fertilizing until they recuperate. Watering depends on soil type, active growth, temperature, etc.. (Mine are in large tubs and get watered every day as our summers are rather hot.)

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