my dog is jealous of the pepper plant....

t-bird(Chicago 5/6)March 30, 2012

there was some white spotting on one of my pepper leaves, and I got worried and pulled it out of the shelving unit and took into another room to investigate. Just some power on the leaves, it was fine.

I've been watching for peppers, but nothing seemed to be happening on most of the plants. After looking at the plant, seeing nothing was wrong I was about done with it when I saw it had a 1 inch pepper I hadn't noticed.....I said in surprise "I didn't know you had a pepper!" and I must have used my talking-to-animals voice because the dog looked at me with his sorrowful quiet jealously, like when I pick up the cat....

Do you ever talk to your peppers?

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Haha.. that's funny, I know what you mean. I have caught myself talking to my pepper plants. Mythbusters did a show on that once too.. LOL. Isn't it supposed to be good for them when you talk nice to your plants? Unless you want hotter peppers, then I guess you have to yell at them stress them out :)

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Nope,but I cuss at mites from time to time though

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How cute! I can totally imagine your dog, cause mine sometimes looks at me with her big, watery, brown eyes while I obsess over my seedlings(it's my first attempt)!XD LOL! I tell my seedlings to stay healthy!=) Oh! Btw, I once saw some documentary hosted by Leonard Nimoy about plant communication, and apparently plants enjoy classical music, and rock music 24/7 can potentially kill them...=/

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Odd, Mythbusters did that experiment and found that rock and heavy metal were good for the plants.

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Really? Gotta watch that episode!=)

The Leonard Nimoy documentary had a scientist do an experiment with 2 enclosures with plants and a speaker on 1 side of each of the enclosures. All variables were kept constant, and one enclosure had classical music from the speaker, and the other had rock music(volumes were taken into account too). The plants exposed to classical music were leaning toward the speaker. For the plants exposed to rock music, they showed a time lapse of the plants leaning away from the speaker before dying off... lol

How odd though, that the experiments have such opposing results!=0 Now I really have to find that episode of Mythbusters to watch!=D

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