Canning or Non-Canning Quesion

mwilk42(7)August 21, 2011

Of course my garden is like everyone else's and not doing much. I do have a couple of Jalapeno plants that I am getting some peppers off of, and a Cajun belle that has some on there. I don't have enough to really do a big canning batch, ( or even a small canning batch) but I have enough to do a couple of jars. My son wanted to know if I could make a jar or two of peppers, carrots and onions like at the Mexican restaurants. Couldn't I just do that without canning, and he could keep them in the frig until he would eat them? Which would be less that a week. Seems crazy hot to get out all the stuff, for maybe a jar or two. If you think that would be OK, any suggestions about a recipe? I am kind of at a loss to do such a teeny amount. It is almost as crazy as cooking a side order fried okra for one person. Thanks.


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Hi Mo,

I think the question would be in using the raw veggies rather than the hot syrup and processing you'd be using to can them. It leaves them sort of al dente, but not actually raw.

I've done very small batches of only a couple of 1/2 pint jars at a time, which is not really a big deal at all. I think you could probably use an adaptation of the End of the Garden Relish (which is pickled veggies rather than a relish) and keep it in the fridge. I can't remember which thread I posted the recipe on, but I can re-post it if you'd like.


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I used to work in one of those mexican restaurants...the one I was in used fresh onions, frozen carrots and canned jalapenos. It was a simple receipe with vinagar and salt. I dont know anything about canning, but i would think you could process the peppers to work for the receipe.

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Thanks Tracey. I saw some recipes online about using frozen carrots and canned jalapenos. I also saw a bunch that called for some oil to be used, and it did not seem to me that the ones I ate had oil, but I could be wrong. Since I had less than a quart total, I sliced them and cut up a white onion. FOund a recipe online for some bread and butter jalapenos so used them for that. I guess if I don't have any more peppers I can just use the canned ones with carrots and onions. My son runs right thru them, so I won't be processing them, just making them up as needed.

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As long as your son runs right thru them rather than the other way round you will not have to resort to canning nor caning.

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LOL Punkin' !! I am sure that both of us are thankful for both solutions!

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JSM,....Hi...I'm a little late but I'll throw in my 2 cents worth. Back when I was working construction there was a Mexican fellow who did cleanup around the jobs and was always talking about how good a cook his wife was. I too love Mexican relish but everytime I made it the vinegar ratio was never right so I ask him what his wife used and he said use 25 percent vinegar and fresh jalapenos not pickled. I use fresh carrots and a little cilantro. I personally make what I can use in 3 or 4 days because the onions will start to get mushy and I don't like that. Anyway, that wont be a problem with your son. Hope this helps.

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Telow, I like you post and would like more info. Is you recipe 25 percent of 5 percent vinegar, or is it another of a higher percentage vinegar? Also is it the clear or yellow colored vinegar?

Thanks, Larry

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Hey Larry,.... the kind of vinegar you use is up to your personal taste buds. Try em both and see what you think.Oh, and yes, its just plain ole 5 % vinegar you get from the grocery store.

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Thanks, Telow, that sounds like something I can do.

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klo1(z7 OK)

This is a recipe I use when I just want a few jars of jalapeno peppers.

Pickled Jalapeno Rings

2 cups sliced jalapeno peppers
4 carrot slices
2 bay leaves
2 pearl onions
1 cup distilled white vinegar
1 cup water
1/2 teaspoon salt

Pack pepper slices into 2 pint jars (I used a 1 qt. jar). Add carrot slices, a bay leaf and an onion to each jar.

Combine vinegar, water and salt in large non-reactive saucepan; bring to boil. Pour over peppers in jar(s). Make sure you use a heat sink for safety!

Seal and cool for 1 hour. Refrigerate 1 week before serving. These pepper rings make wonderful nachos.

Makes 2 pints or 1 qt. the way I do it.

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