How do i stop this

massimo(5b)April 14, 2014

I got 2 cuttings today and on each cutting a branch was rotting so i cut it off today and noticed its pretty bad. How do i stop the rotting from spreading to the whole cutting.

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Here's more pics

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Hi there- unfortunately your only chance is to cut back until you see clean white wood. Sterilize your shears with rubbing alcohol in between cuts. You will most likely be cutting below the joints there...keep it out of moisture until the cuts the base still firm? Sorry that happened :( sometimes it can be hard to stop the rot, sometimes it works just fine. Good luck to you and please keep us posted.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

I take an exacto knife and dig out the black. Wipe the blade with alcohol and make one more thin cut. Let it dry completely and then seal with DAP Alex plus (cedar tan) or DAP Dynaflex 230 (brown) using a spoon or tongue depressor to spread evenly. (sorry picture came out upside down)

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Hi elucas101 and tdogdad thanks for the info.

The tips and the base of the cuttings are firm and healthy its just that one spot on both cuttings that are rotting. This morning before i went to work i sprinkled some cinnamon hoping it will do something even tho i knew i was just wasting my time. I'm gonna try tdogdad method and see what happens.

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