Will this coconut make it? hmmmm

us_marineJuly 7, 2011

I ordered a small coconut, like one that just barely sprouted. It was in the mail too long the fronds seem too dry. They dont feel like they should. Take a look at the pics.

Heres the one root. Part of the root feel off.

The fronds still look ok but that doesnt mean anything. This palm is just begining to sprout roots so this could be bad. Looks like it needs water badly so she is sitting in a shallow bowl. Any suggestions? I think I am about to put her in my green house even though its hot in there it should be humid.

- US_Marine

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What kind of guarantee did it come with? You could monitor it for a while after you've planted it.

I used to bring back freshly sprouted coconuts from all around the globe during my fly boy days. They fit nicely in a flight helmet bag. They always survived the week or so traveling with me.

If I recall, the roots can sprout from multiple spots underneath, so one damaged root sprout doesn't mean too much.

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Not sure. I know it was in a plastic bag as shown for a little more than a week. I knew that it would have more roots but since it needs water that one root could help alot. Its fronds are very dry.
Thanks for the reply :)

- US_Marine

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I think it should be okay. It will probably have some recovering to do, but it shouldnt die. Good luck with it and definitely keep us updated!

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Should be 1/2 buried in damp sand, full sun.

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Thanks guys! I hope this guy makes it too. I am not too sure on this one though, the fronds are getting to the point of crumbling. I guess the best way to tell is by watching the small spear it has.

- US_Marine

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I think it might be ok, put it in full sun and I think the small spear will come back.

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I'll give it my best shot. She's aready sitting in the sun in a container. I think this one is a pacific tall, and my other is a golden malayan. If it does make it I wonder what the cross would look like? lol. Well I will just have to wait and see.
Thanks andyandy!

- US_Marine

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The cool thing about sprouted coconuts is that they are self contained for a while. The nut inside provides nutrients and moisture and the shell acts like a floating pot for oceanic voyages.

Rainwater often gets to the sprout
through the crack from where it emerged. The first roots primarily anchor the nut to whatever beach it washes up on.

I think your plant will be fine.

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

US_Marine: How is it doing now? Is the spear growing at all?

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Thanks for asking Hunter_M.
Not to sure on this guy. It seemed fine because the spear started growing, but as it grows, parts of the emerging spear are dying. So it wouldnt shock me if this one doesnt make it. I expected this anyway. At least my other coconut palm is starting to take off now. Its amazing that once they acclimatize, they dont mind Cali's dry climate.

- US_Marine

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The stem looks not too good. And why the frond is curly. The shipping might have been too much for the little guy.

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Yeah, I think it was in there too long as well. The fronds are still curly. They also gotten worse, should probably take a newer pic. She could make it, but I am doubting it. Not much I can do but wait.
Thanks for relpying stanofh, and how are your plants doing?

- US_Marine

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