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greenclaws UKzone8aApril 22, 2010

Well my four remaining plumies are ailing....they are 4yrs old from seed and I was hoping to get one to flower maybe this year. Over the winter, our worst for 30 yrs they have declined. I am now loosing a lot of tips to either sunken patches that then progress to rot, or they have gone black and crispy. It's not the claws that are black as they haven't got any, its the actual end of the branch where the problem is. Not had this problem before.

What will happen if I cut off the dead tips? One has 10, another 5, one has 4 and the last only has 1 growth point. None are in leaf at the moment.

Thanks for any advice, Gill in the UK.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

If the black is hard just wait for it to pop off. If it is soft, cut it down to clean wood and it will branch below the cut. cut branches will not flower this year. Hi to you Gill- sorry your winter was so harsh. Good to hear you again. Bill

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Thanks Bill, your help and advice is always appreciated. I will just have to hang on in there and hope for the best, although things are not looking too good at the moment. The rest of the garden is looking lovely though, so thats some compensation I guess as we are having some much needed spring sunshine at the moment..albeit with overnight frosts still!
Regards, Gill.

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I am new to the forum. I live in South Fl. and have 3 Plumeria of different varieties planted in the ground. My biggest one(7ft)tall,white flower,yellow center and a fragrance to die for,is having a problem.New leaves are sprouting nicely but it is dropping perfectly shaped,healthy looking leaves at about 10 or more a day. I planted this Plumeria almost 5 yrs ago and never had a problem.Some tips have black leaves but I have always seen those in the past.The only thing I did differently this year was fertilize with 15-15-15 instead of 8-8-8. I used that on all 3 and only this one is losing leaves so I don't think it was the fertilizer.I hope someone can help. Thank You

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Jerry,

I just wanted to say welcome to the forum!!!

You might want to start a new thread by returnig to the main page (Plumeria Forum) and look up in the main heading for a new post.
Make a subject posting like " South Florida Plumeria is acting differently than normal...or something like that.
Then put in the message section all of the info like you put onto this thread on "Mr Gills plants" (Hi Gill!!!)

Maybe this will help you and you will get more responses!!!

Hope this helps you!!!

Laura in VB

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Thank you, I did post a new post...Jerry

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john_dr(SEQLD AUST)

Hi Greenclaws,

Sorry to hear of your problems with plumerias. The problem is of course due to low temperatures. However plumerias can tolerate cold winters if they are kept dry and receive plenty of sun. If they do not get the sun in winter they will suffer in the cold but with sun they will be ok to about 28 deg F. I have seen plumerias growing to the west of Sydney with frost around them but with no damage at all as they are in a dry sunny climate. If you can try and expose them to the sun as much as possible this may help. I also think lowering the humidity in winter may help as the molds that cause the rot will not grow so well in these conditions. Of course they need plenty of heat in the warmer months to grow and flower well.

Hope this helps

Hope this helps

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Laura and hello Mr Driscoll! Yes I think the winter temps did my plumies no favours at all, we had weeks of sub zeros with the coldest being -10c. They were kept on the dry side, but the prolonged cold and lack of sun was the problem I fear. 9the lack of sun still is!) They are taking some waking up now and I fear the worst for them. The black had spread quite a way into the stems and I have had to cut them back severely. The more I think about it, I realise I will have to try and let my yearning for growing these beauties slip by, and admire them from afar!
Signing off now as we leave at 4am for the drive down south to visit our son and family. Thanks for all your help btw.
Regards, Gill.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Gill,

I Hope you had a great visit down south!!

Did you receied my 2nd email? I didn't know if it went through...I'm not a computer wizard, so I thought that I would ask...we loved London!!! Got back 24 hrs before they closed the air space...talking about LUCKY!!!!

Hope the plumerias make it through...

Let me know it you received that email...I could resend it!!!

Thanks Gill...Hope you have a wonderful spring full of sunshine!!

Laura in VB

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