Pachira cutting + scale= help!

somewherethatsgreenJune 4, 2011

Hi guys, I was growing a Pachira from a cutting... the little guy has a *lot* of sentimental value to me. The leaves and shoot grew really rapidly and nicely.... and then an accident (don't want to go into it... sheer stupidity- sigh) had the whole new section of shoot and leaves lopped off. So anyway I'm left with the original cutting, no leaves, no new growth since the accident. I know people will tell me to give up on the plant at this point, but I can't let go of it until it's, well, as dead as dead can be. Anyway I've noticed some mealybugs and... what I think might be scale on it [is the fact that mealybugs are around a sign it's still alive/hanging on?]. I'm not sure-- I can't tell whether it's scale or the nodes on the plant-- they look too big to be scale. I've started spraying neem oil on the stem. Has anyone ever used a toothbrush to get rid of scale without causing damage to the plant? ANy other suggestions at all would be really welcome.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

any chance of pictures?

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Thanks for the reply! Here's a close-up.

once again, any help would be great!

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