Holly in distress

kmb55June 5, 2014

If anyone can tell me what I can do to help this holly, I would greatly appreciate it. It seemed to sustain a lot of winter damage and is looking rather sad. The one on the opposite end of this garden is full and thriving. Thanks for any advice.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

its recovering.. in the new buds...

the ONLY issue;.. is do you wnat to look at it.. in this form for a year or two .. before it fully recovers ..

it will NEVER look like it used to ... and it will take a bit of shaping to be pretty ...

soooo ... can you put up with it.. or not... your call ...

personally .. i don not fert shrubs ... and its not hungry.. its stressed ... so dont think you will cut recovery time.. if you 'feed' it ...


ps: i wouldnt hold onto it... and i would not plant the same thing.. you already said you have another holly.. whats the use of two???

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As Ken says, your plant already has nice new growth and seems to be recovering, so you probably don't have to do anything out of the ordinary for it.
It looks like it will eventually bush up again if you give it some time (:

- Sparkey

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Thank you. I think I'll just wait and see, and protect it from the cold & snow next winter.

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If you are like many around the country, last winter was exceptional and exceptionally hard on a lot of shrubs and trees. I had damage from last winter on things I've never seen winter damage on before. It was a pretty unusual phenomenon.

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