Silverfish appearing inside - why and what to do?

californiaplaya(9 - NorCal)June 19, 2010

I've had my second story condo for five years. I think I've occasionally seen a silverfish - perhaps one or two in a year. Now I've seen three in my bedroom in two days. What could be causing them to appear all of a sudden and what should be done? Only thing that has changed recently is I purchased a new desk and chair for in the bedroom. But that was a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't notice anything crawling around or out of the boxes when I got them. Is it possible they came with one of these, or possibly they are attracted to one? But the information I see online doesn't seem to suggest that a dry, cool, clean bedroom would be where they would want to hang out.

Is three in two days a lot and what should I do, if anything?


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Since silverfish need a relatively high moisture level to exist start any control measures by looking for that moisture source. Where is the bathroom, kitchen, washer/dryer in relation to your bedroom?
Boric Acid dusts are known to be fairly effective with very low toxicity to you, but the home base of the Silverfish needs to be found and any problem there needs to be fixed first.

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californiaplaya(9 - NorCal)

Master bedroom with bath that is 10 feet away. No leaks, standing water, any source of water that is out of the ordinary. Washer/dryer is on the opposite side of the bath wall, dryer vents outside just below my bedroom window. So, sources of moisture are around. Guess what is concerning me is that after several years of just seeing one occasionally, which I would think is normal, more are appearing in a relatively short amount of time.

How would I go about finding this 'home base' you speak of?


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A few years ago we moved into a newly built house. After a couple of months, and after seeing an occasional silverfish, they started to come in droves. I read at the time that they are often found in new homes because they come in on the framing wood. Not sure if that's true or not. We ended up clearing the infestation out by putting bug bombs in the crawlspace. We slept elsewhere for the first night and never saw another one again. So I'd start in the basement...but it could be that it come in on the new furniture. But you did say you've been seeing them for some time, although not to this extent. Good luck...I hate those things.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

They could have come inside the boxes with the furniture, which may have been stored in a dank warehouse or storage room.

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Since paper and paper products are a primary source of food they may have been brought in with the cartons, paper. Many years ago we also had some and it took a total remodel of the kitchen to find the moisture source, a very small leak in one of the water pipes that was not easily seen from the front. As soon as the sink cabinet was moved the plaster behind told us there was a leak. It is not always easy for us to find the source of the problem but those wee buggers will find an environment they like quite easily.
It may take quite a bit of looking to find that site.

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