holes in my beans

melvee(7)June 9, 2011

i need help identifying what is doing this. these are my contender bush beans. are the holes in the leaves and the holes in the beans from the same thing or is this 2 separate pests? the whole plant is not affected, just certain leaves, and not every bean is affected. they appear to be hollowed out, though. how do i control/fix it?

Image link:

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It's probably bean leaf beetles - I'm having problems with them eating my beans too. They are small coppery brown beetles a bit bigger than a lady bug/beetle. Ours have spots on them. They eat from the underside of leaves and when you try to pick them, they drop down, making them hard to catch - especially in pole beans. I think I may have some larva eating roots now as I'm seeing leaves turn yellow...

good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bean Leaf Beetle photo

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