Flowers getting attacked

necsanctJune 16, 2010

So im noticing a bunch of little holes in the leaves of the plants. Im not sure what bug or bugs would be doing this but i was hoping to get some tips to stop this. Im not to the use of sprays but if there is a better way i'd love to know about it.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Sorry, but it will be impossible to help you unless you can try to spot the culprit and describe it to us. Lots and lots of things can cause 'little holes in the leaves', including some diseases.

It might help if we knew what kind of plants we are talking about, too.

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The chinese latern is the one taking the most damage its really the only noticeable one out of the rest.

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Do they show up in the mornings?

By the end of each day? Where do you live? Has it been wet a lot? Can you take photos and post them?


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It seems to be worse by the next morning so i am assuming its going on during the night since i check on it through out the afternoon. The plant in my belief is in no danger of dieing yet but i dont want it to get to that point.

It seems to get worse little by little each day. I live in hamilton oh, near cincinnati. It has rained everyday since last saturday, today is the first day with no rain. I'll get some photos.

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Could be slug or snails....

They have been munching holes and most my plants at night.

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