Grape vine problem

NOTTNICKJune 29, 2011

I live in the UK.

I have 2 vines, one is 12 years old the other 3 years old they grow at least 10 metres apart.

They both got hit by a hard frost in the spring. The younger vine just flowered and the tips / blosson died back. However it continued to grow really well and heathily.

The other (later - not in blossom) was hit much harder. Since then the older vine has produced lots of blossom (and developing fruit) but the growth is REALLY stunted and the leaves are tiny and misshapen (see photo).

I have just noticed today that the other vine is now producing similar shoots.

I can't find any images similar on the web. Hoping it is frost damage and not anything fatal.

Suggestions please.

Image link:

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I can't seem to upload a second photo - so here's a more detailed description of the leaf damage.
- Very small leaves, yellowish colour misshapen the edges are all feathered and tatty.
I'd say that about 95% of the vine is affected.

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